A 45 Day journey of self-inquiry, healing and transformation.

Our deep meditation practicum is a yearly residential event for those seeking proximity of their Soul.

(minimum stays of 1 week duration)


Are you ready for the depths of your Soul?

Have you ever wanted to go deep?

Beyond your mind and beyond your body?

Have you ever wanted to experience community, nature and yourself in a new light?

Anushtan is an immersive and committed environment for those Souls looking to discover the deepest corners of themselves


During Anushtan you will be hosted in a private room at our retreat centre and community, set on 50 acres of pristine bush in the Grampians, just 3.5 hrs from Melbourne.

Our full time volunteers are here to support and guide you during your stay; you will be an active part of the communal team   

Have you ever served from your Soul?

So much spiritual practice can be self focused; Hatha yoga and meditation are certainly arts and crafts for the inner journey.

But did you know that in the yoga traditions that serving others is also a practice in its own right?

The yoga of service, in our tradition, is called Gurukarya (in others it may be known as karma yoga or seva.)

The Guru is your Soul and Karya is work, so together it means work for your soul.

At Anushtan, all guests will be required to participate in the active running of the space, helping run activities, landscape, clean and cook.

Together we will go on an intimate, shared group journey of spiritual practice, though you will still have plenty of your own time for inner connection.


What's included


7 night minimum blocks, up to 45 days

All Meals

Delicious farm-to-table vegetarian cuisine


Mindfully engage with nature


Twice daily practice


Service for your Soul


Authentic Hatha Yoga with lineage

Sacred ritual

Traditional fire ceremony (Yagya)

Be connected to a Himalayan Saint


The Himalayan practice of Meditation that Kailash shares, is the path of Surrender.

We are blessed to be connected to a living Himalayan Saint, His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swami.

We affectionately refer to Him as Swamiji, and it is through his grace that the practice of Samarpan Sanskar (the inculcation of universal human values through the process of surrender) came to society.

Swamiji Himself will be in isolation on his own deep meditation practicum and our 45 days runs over the same date as the practice in India.

It is the perfect opportunity to connect via your subtle awareness, to the spiritual pennance and grace of a living saint; this is an experience that must be felt to be believed!

You can think of him if you like as your greatest fan; that even though the journey of life and the 45 days of anushtan will be hard, there is one happy being who’s only wish is that you find inner peace.

When you place your awareness on such a being, the feeling of connection and peace arise automatically, this is truly a path where you don’t need to ‘do’ anything!

During Anushtan we will connect to Swamiji’s teachings, discourse and writings.      


Sample Program

6am –              Meditation 

7am –              Hatha Yoga 

8am –              Breakfast

9am –              Gurukarya – Serving your soul

12pm –            Lunch 

2 – 5 pm          Soul Time – Time for you

5 – 6 pm          Meditation

6pm –              Dinner 

7pm –              Inner connection, contemplation and rest 

10pm –            Quiet time  


Here are some of the authentic practices that you will learn and participate in;

Himalayan Meditation

You will learn an ancient practice of meditation based upon the inner feeling of surrender. It is a silent practice of 30 minutes conducted both individually and as a group.


Hatha Yoga

You will enliven your body each morning, readying for the activity of the day. 

David has practiced under the tutelage of the Shadow Yoga school for 15 years and will share the introductory sequence.


Learn what it is to work from your Soul!

Find yourself by contributing to the community in an active way.


Sound Meditation

Allow us to take you into deep rest as the waves of sound dissolve into the ocean of consciousness. 

Nepalese healing bowls, handpan, gong, drum, and sacred mantra are woven into a divine soundscape.


Traditional Fire Ceremony

Participate in a 5000+ year old authentic and traditional sacrificial fire offering (Yagya) with the aim of purifying one’s consciousness. We will guide you both in the activity, and how each step is relevant to modern life. 


Begin the journey of a lifetime!


There is only one way to know what Anushtan is; and that is through experience.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for to dive deeply into your spirit, community and authentic spiritual practice. 

 But it’s a long time? 45 days? Who on earth has time for that?

No one ‘has’ time for this.

No one ‘finds’ time for this.

Committed seekers, meditators and yogins make time for practice.

That is the final thought we will leave you with; that this will never be something that you attend if you are still waiting around to stumble upon your destiny.

Those who feel the call, make the time. And those who make the time, reap the rewards; during the 45 days, but more importantly, after.

Your life will never be the same…


7 nights

$ 749
  • 7 Nights accommodation
  • Gourmet vegetarian food (All meals provided)
  • Instruction in authentic practices of Yoga and Meditation
  • Mindful connection to nature
  • The joy of service and giving

Full duration

$ 2499
  • 45 Nights accommodation
  • 15th January - 1st March 2022
  • Gourmet vegetarian food (All meals provided)
  • Instruction in authentic practices of Yoga and Meditation
  • Mindful connection to nature
  • The joy of service and giving

Meet your Hosts

David and Rajni

David and Rajni are the full-time custodians of Kailash and the facilitators for the Anushtan,

They weave together as two hands of the same creature and are direct, honest and here to serve you.

As facilitators, they are engaging and entertaining, and share insight gleaned from their heartfelt, direct and often humorous experience of life. 

Prepare to let go of expectations! 

As a couple their uncompromising pursuit of the divine infuses all of what they do; both at Kailash on retreats and in their daily family life.

Their love and respect for their space, guests and residents flows at the Soul level and unites their worship of the sacred with artful expression, craftsmanship and devotion to their traditions and lineage. 

David Wegman

What David shares at Kailash is truly Himself as an embodiment of the practices that have brought him home. 

Any merit you see in him or Kailash, David offers directly to the lineages and practices which saved him from himself.

With experience spanning service in Afghanistan as a Sniper, as an Architect, a tertiary level educator, global traveller, sadhak, devotee and disciple, you will be at ease in his presence and his humble, sincere and humorous tone will help you find your own inspiration to be authentically you.

He seeks to bring honour to the lineages to which he belongs and weaves insight, activities and group facilitation from his diverse background. 


Rajni Wegman

Rajni is a fierce devotee of the path of Love and Devotion and will inspire you to raise your benchmark of what you think you are worth and what you deserve in this life (hint; you deserve the best!)

Her story is one of triumph over adversity and what she shares will have you relating to your own struggles and challenges in new ways. 

Rajni has been part of a team that has shared meditation online with thousands of people, just like you. Having Mauritian and Indian ancestry, growing up in France, living in the UK and now Australia, She is at ease with all cultures, beliefs and ways of life.

In her presence you will feel at peace, inspired and more in love with yourself than ever and Her Soul Art will be the hug that your inner child needs.

But don’t let looks and her loving disposition deceive you, She is a fierce warrior and will cut to the chase, offering you a direct, no-nonsense reflection.