You’re on the Train

You carry your bag to the train station, and climb aboard. As you walk up the couple of steps onto the train, you place your bag above your head. 10 minutes into your journey, a polite stranger curiously asks, “why are you still carrying your bag?” What is the bag that you carry? What goodies …

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The Cave You Fear To Enter

Genuine spiritual practice (sadhana) will most definitely surface unconscious patterns and conditioning. How do we respond to this rising of our pain, trauma and wounds? Some become a ‘scatologist’ and poke around forever in the murky depths. For others, the trip is to ignore the wounds and pretend like everything is okay… But how do …

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Staying Centred In The Silly Season

Beers. Catch Ups. Balls. Galas. Awards. Celebration and Family Dinners. The Christmas and holiday period are overwhelming (to say the least!) As we collectively push on through, attempting to finish the work before taking a few weeks of downtime, for many of us the reality of the impending challenges of family and self connection draw …

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The more you bow, the higher you go

The quickest way to beat the ego Today’s article starts from a quote shared by Rajni. “the more you bow, the higher you go” In Australia yoga consists mostly of a physical exercise regimen. Many innocent and aspiring students trudge off to a yoga studio once per week, decked out in the latest active wear …

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