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Gurukarya (Selfless service)

Gurukarya has it’s origins in two words – Guru (here taken as the Soul) and karya, meaning work. When we bring this together, it can be taken to mean ‘the work for the soul.’ 

Gurukarya is an embodied spiritual practice in it’s own right, and a core part of life at Kailash.

In some traditions it is called Seva (service) or Karma Yoga (the yoga of action.)

Whilst engaged in Gurukarya, the focus is on non-attachment to the fruits of your labour. This means letting go of the outcome or the consequence, and learning to be fully present with the task at hand.

 We also seek to reduce the identification as being the ‘doer’ of the work, which means that ‘I’ sense is let go of in favour of the work just happening.

 Allowing oneself to become a medium for work to happen through us, rather than from us, is one of the quickest ways to enhance soul consciousness. It has real world application in modern life, where much of our suffering is as a consequence of being too attached to the work we are doing

Guests who feel called to contribute to the space are free to ask for opportunities to participate in gurukarya.



Possible Gurukarya tasks during your stay;


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