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Spring is in full force at Kailash and the whole team is buzzing like the large population of bees that are exploring the vibrant blooming flowers. We are also excited to welcome our newest custodian to the team who brings a wealth of wisdom, guidance and purpose to the Kailash vision – more on this in the coming months! On Wednesday, we talked at length about the beautiful sunshine and subtle observations of nature during our Online Sharing The Gold session (which we’d love to see you join by the way!) 

Though lockdowns are still affecting much of the retreats we had planned, there are still opportunities to be engaged with Kailash online and on location so please keep reading for more info! 
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Much of our year has been pivoting with the changing regulations and rather than fight them, we have learned to dance! Our exciting new moves are into the digital space and are rooted in helping you create the healthy habits to ensure you are the master of your own success.

Our Learn to Meditate course is going to bring ancient wisdom and daily accountability to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. The concept has taken shape over flowing conversation and inner guidance and excitingly we are moving into a planning and delivery phase. It has been a joy to draw upon the rich and diverse experience of the volunteer residents who bring such enthusiasm to the process. From project management to tech, it is shaping up as a beautiful collaboration inside and out. 

Though for many the tensions of lockdown and vaccine mandates are still high, we see light at the end of the Covid tunnel and pray that your Soul’s guidance be with you now and into the future; there is always room for more love, and objection and standing up for your rights can be done from a peaceful place.

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Under the current regulations, you are allowed to travel for the purposes of care and compassionate reasons. By our understanding this can involve seeking respite accommodation for mental health and wellbeing which we are permitted to provide. We are happy to assist your travel here by providing a cover letter indicating that you are seeking accommodation with us on the grounds you have mentioned. Reach out

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Soul Retreat 

Kailash’s signature event and offering

 The place to reconnect to the inner journey and rediscover your Soul. Finding that our monthly offering was so much more than a meditation retreat, we have brought even more focus to the connection to your own Soul and the sharing of practices that support this journey. 

2 nights, accommodation, food & activities included – from $549 

We have one spot available for a past attendee to come back in a half price volunteer position. 

If you or a friend would love to attend but may not have the means, please put them in touch with us as we have scholarships available. 

Full event description, enquiries and schedule here 

Purchase tickets via our online store

Upcoming dates

October Soul Retreat Friday 1 – Sunday 3 October

November Soul Retreat Friday 5 – Sunday 7 November

December Soul Retreat Friday 3 – Sunday 5 December

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Online Sharing Circle – Wednesday 7:15pm – 8:15pm 

Our weekly sharing space is an opportunity to bring your insights, wisdom and stories of triumph to our collective space. Held in our cosy lounge, our non-judgemental set of ears are ready to witness you going through your process of learning, healing, growing and sharing from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. 

We encourage all of our guests and friends to come with an open heart and a positive attitude to the struggles of life. We can all learn from each other; it may be a story of a small victory or perhaps that dragon has finally been slayed, whatever it is, we are here to help you integrate. Depending on the energy of the group and the night, we will unpack and explore the themes that present. 

Duration: 1 hour Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87198012153
Meeting ID: 871 9801 2153
Passcode: kailash
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Weekly Q&A & Meditation – Thursday 7:15pm – 8:15pm 

30 minutes question and answers, 30 minute collective meditation

David and Rajni are available for you to ask questions related to the practice of Himalayan meditation (Samarpan), Hatha yoga and life on the spiritual path. They share from a place of authenticity and direct experience, having engaged deeply with the practices they share at Kailash and offer pragmatic, no nonsense advice. 

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87198012153…
Meeting ID: 871 9801 2153
Passcode: kailash 

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Kailash: Live from the Yurt Episode 3 is out!

 Sacred Lineages of the Earth with Bronte Spicer 

Listen below, on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts or where-ever you get your podcasts!

Listen in..

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Growing up not knowing where to go, what to do, or what I want

To write my own journey in a blog post is an interesting opportunity to be given having never done it before. Can I do it, I guess we’re about to find out… 

Firstly, I want to take it back to my childhood where I was raised by a superhuman, single mother who worked a job she hated for years on end instead of just ‘signing on’ with two children and receiving the same money from the Government in benefits as it’s called in the UK. Whenever I look back and truly connect with Mum’s work ethic and relentless self-sacrifice just to put clothes on our back and food on the table, I can’t help but feel quite emotional, and pleasantly reminded of what life’s all about all at the same time. A Mother’s love is like no other!

Read on..

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This newsletter is a way for us to continue the many profound and life changing connections and conversations that have been born at Kailash. 

We deeply value your engagement with us online, so if you would like to share an experience or reflection on your time with us, please do! 

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