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Welcome to a new lunar month and a new vision for the way we share Kailash! We have sensed a renewed collective interest in depth; of conversation and of the inner exploration that we stand for. Going forward we will be structuring each entire lunar month according to a theme that will drive all of our sessions, both in the space and online, in order to create depth and continuity of conversation. We invite you to participate! 

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Theme of the Month: Prosperity
From the root prosperous ‘doing well’ 

Prosperity is often associated with material wealth, but what happens when we let go of the division between matter and spirit, and embrace matter as spirit? What of prosperity then? Materialism, broadly speaking, is the philosophy that the world is composed of ‘stuff.’ Kailash operates through a different paradigm, one where the felt experience is brought into the fold. Spirit (from spiritus ‘breath’) is experienced first and understood later. 

From an experiential point of view, we are interested in examining the felt experience of prosperity. When are we thriving? When do we feel ‘rich’? The oft touted spiritual cliche of ‘abundance’ for us, doesn’t meet the mark. Finding yourself with lots of zeros in the bank, ‘manifesting’ everything from opportunity through car spaces… these are not at the heart of doing well.

 What is it to recognise that this life is indeed, the highest and most precious gift that you have been given? That you paid for it at birth? For us, this engenders a relationship with the sacred. No proof of God needs be found, this is the experience of intrinsic value in what you are and each moment. W

hat of your own life if this were felt by you? What stands in the way from feeling sacred? 

This month we are investing our time, energy, hearts and minds in exploring what builds more prosperity and also, importantly, what diminishes it. Sometimes plugging the holes is more important than capturing more. 

We hope that this discussion, an open work in progress, invites you to join in with us in our online offerings, through our podcast and blog and even around the dinner table. 
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Under the current regulations, you are allowed to travel for the purposes of care and compassionate reasons. By our understanding this can involve seeking respite accommodation for mental health and wellbeing which we are permitted to provide. We are happy to assist your travel here by providing a cover letter indicating that you are seeking accommodation with us on the grounds you have mentioned. 

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Soul Retreat 
Kailash’s signature event and offering 

The place to reconnect to the inner journey and rediscover your Soul. 

2 nights, accommodation, food & activities included – from $549  

Full event description, enquiries and schedule here 

Purchase tickets via our online store

Upcoming dates

November Soul Retreat Friday 5 – Sunday 7 November
December Soul Retreat Friday 3 – Sunday 5 December


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Discourse + Q&A Wednesday 7:15pm – 8:15pm 

30 minutes discourse on our monthly theme followed by question and answer session. 

David and Rajni are available for you to ask questions related to the practice of Himalayan meditation (Samarpan), Hatha yoga and life on the spiritual path.   

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87198012153
Meeting ID: 871 9801 2153
Passcode: kailash
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Sharing the Gold Thursday 7:15pm – 8:15pm  

Our weekly sharing space is an opportunity to bring your insights, wisdom and stories of triumph to our collective space. 

Held in our cosy lounge, our non-judgemental set of ears are ready to witness you going through your process of learning, healing, growing and sharing from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. 

We encourage all of our guests and friends to come with an open heart and a positive attitude to the struggles of life. We can all learn from each other; it may be a story of a small victory or perhaps that dragon has finally been slayed, whatever it is, we are here to help you integrate. 

Depending on the energy of the group and the night, we will unpack and explore the themes that present. 

Duration: 1 hour 
Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87198012153…
Meeting ID: 871 9801 2153
Passcode: kailash 
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Kailash: Live from the Yurt Episode 4 is out!

Reflections On Samarpan – Surrender Meditation 

Listen below, on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts or where-ever you get your podcasts!

Listen in..
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Reflection on the last 10 weeks of my life – what’s changed since becoming a Kailash resident? 

Has it really been that long since I moved out to The Grampians? My first 10 weeks as a Kailash resident have flown by and felt like forever all at the same time. My previous way of life and mindset feels so far away, it’s true what they say – “if you don’t like something, change it.”

Read on..
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This newsletter is a way for us to continue the many profound and life changing connections and conversations that have been born at Kailash. We deeply value your engagement with us online, so if you would like to share an experience or reflection on your time with us, please do! 

Simply hit reply on this email or meet us on our socials.

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