The Kailash Kronicle #4

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Kailash is pr­aying that you find your inner strength through another series of lockdowns.

ūüôŹ¬†It is within your legal right to travel and seek accommodation for care and compassionate reasons in accordance with current Covid directives. We are here to support those who may be struggling with the latest lockdowns with personal retreat stays (insert link). Please reach out if you are in need of what we have, we are happy to help substantiate your stay with a travel letter.

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As the wild rollercoaster of the pandemic continues, we have been kept busy at Kailash supporting improvements to the land and guests on personal retreat who are recuperating and healing from lockdown stress. 

The days are getting longer, acacias are in bloom and there is a real spring in the air. Petyan is the local indigenous name for the season (of which there are 6) and it’s all about the wildflowers.¬†We are eagerly looking forward to lockdowns lifting as we have many guests hosting retreats as well as our own Soul Retreats to look forward to in the remaining months of 2021.¬†

We pray that you and your families and friends stay safe, centred and open in this testing time, please reach out and join one of our online offerings to connect to the growing and vibrant Kailash community and consider a mental health holiday out here if you are looking at embracing positivity and self care.

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July saw a small but powerful group attend our Soul Retreat where we imparted traditional wisdom from the Himalayas, participated in sacrificial fire offering (Yagya) and connected over amazing food and conversation. 

“I felt the whole program was really is inspiring for people’s creativity, empowering for all people to take charge of their own creative force. It was super inspiring and a very supportive atmosphere, largely it was the program but also the people that were attracted to it – every single conversation had depth, even if it was passing someone in a corridor it left me feeling warm inside.” – Sasha, Soul Retreat guest.¬†

Our next retreat is 1st to 3rd October with plenty of availability, for more info please check our our Soul Retreat listing and for our bookings our shiny new store. 

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Under the current regulations, you are allowed to travel for the purposes of care and compassionate reasons. By our understanding this can involve seeking respite accommodation for mental health and wellbeing which we are permitted to provide. We are happy to assist your travel here by providing a cover letter indicating that you are seeking accommodation with us on the grounds you have mentioned. 

Reach out

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Soul Retreat Kailash’s signature event and offering The place to reconnect to the inner journey and rediscover your Soul. Finding that our monthly offering was so much more than a meditation retreat, we have brought even more focus to the connection to your own Soul and the sharing of practices that support this journey. 2 nights, accommodation, food & activities included Р$399 We have one spot available for a past attendee to come back in a half price volunteer position. 

If you or a friend would love to attend but may not have the means, please put them in touch with us as we have scholarships available.

 Full event description, enquiries and schedule here 

Purchase tickets via our online store. 

Upcoming dates

October Soul Retreat Friday 1 РSunday 3 October
November Soul Retreat Friday 5 РSunday 7 November
December Soul Retreat Friday 3 РSunday 5 December
Enquire ‚Äď‚Äď‚Äď‚Äď‚Äď‚Äď Purchase

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Online Sharing Circle РWednesday 7:15pm Р8:15pm 

Our weekly sharing space is an opportunity to bring your insights, wisdom and stories of triumph to our collective space. Held in our cosy lounge, our non-judgemental set of ears are ready to witness you going through your process of learning, healing, growing and sharing from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. 

We encourage all of our guests and friends to come with an open heart and a positive attitude to the struggles of life. We can all learn from each other; it may be a story of a small victory or perhaps that dragon has finally been slayed, whatever it is, we are here to help you integrate. 

Depending on the energy of the group and the night, we will unpack and explore what it is to learn from the challenges of everyday life. 

Duration: 1 hour Zoom

Meeting ID: 871 9801 2153
Passcode: kailash

Facebook Event 

Weekly Discourse & Meditation РThursday 7:15pm Р8:15pm  

30 minutes question and answers, 30 minute collective meditation

David and Rajni are available for you to ask questions related to the practice of Himalayan meditation (Samarpan), Hatha yoga and life on the spiritual path. 

They share from a place of authenticity and direct experience, having engaged deeply with the practices they share at Kailash and offer pragmatic, no nonsense advice. 

Zoom link:¬†…
Meeting ID: 871 9801 2153
Passcode: kailash 

Facebook Event

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Kailash: Live from the Yurt Episode 2 is out!

 The Queen of Confidence with Erika & Hamish Cramer. 

Listen at the link below, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or where-ever you get your podcasts!

Listen in..

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Resident Reflections 01 by Mitchell Reeves 

Well, tomorrow morning I am asked to share some writing of mine to the group. For 5 minutes, that’s a lot of writing, a lot of sharing ..

Read on..

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We are pumping up our activity in the digital space. 

This newsletter is a way for us to continue the many profound and life changing connections and conversations that have been born at Kailash. 

We deeply value your engagement with us online, so if you would like to share an experience or reflection on your time with us, please do! 

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