yoga retreat victoria bird in the sky

It has a quick look, and off it flies.

The ability to fly with speed, grace and agility is perfectly matched with its capacity to land, pause and look.

I’ve always been drawn to birds. When is the last time you watched one as a student?

The monkey mind contains, cuts us off and makes a statement “bird, I know what this is, seen it a million times…” 

In a single instant, the mind can deflate the magic of the tiny creature (and the world around us) 

A remarkable phenomena of physical abilities into reduced into a mere ‘word.’ 


As a meditator, I have become a curious student of life.

I continually ask myself “what can this moment / object / situation teach me?”

In order to hear the answer, I must empty my mind and the labels I project onto life.

And today, this morning, on the other side of the planet to where I live (we are visiting relatives in Europe), a little bird taught me that the skill I personally need to work upon, is the graceful landing to rest.

My high paced hard working attitude must be balanced with slowing down and resting.

For those in the Astrology scene, my Aeries ascendant apparently gives away the fact that I love to start things. 

Go Go Go. 

All the time. Even when depleted, I somehow find energy to make something new and complicated happen in my life. But the little bird this morning, reveals to me; that I can have my cake and eat it too.

I can work hard, if I learn to be agile in my perching and rest.

Upon reflection, for me the perch is meditation & Hatha Yoga is the activity of coming in to land. Both of these practices, when done right, feel as graceful as a little bird, darting and weaving through the sky and pulling oneself to a graceful landing.

What does your flight through life look look like?Are you the wise eagle, soaring on the thermals?What is your rest?

Interestingly, when a bird perches, it tenses itself to come to a stop, popping out a little bird poo… 

This is why a lot of weeds often grow against fences 🙂

What an interesting place to have wound up… the realisation that the activity of rest is also one of clearance. 

That has certainly been my experience with meditation!

If you would like to learn to glide to a rest with Hatha Yoga and Meditation, we have just released new dates for our next Soul Retreat.

It is over the Grand-Final long weekend, 21st – 25th September.

Places are filling fast and as our loyal newsletter subscribers, we would hate for you to miss out!

Much love,
David (and Rajni)

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