Meditation – why people fail with a simple practice…


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What is the biggest challenge most of our students face when forming a daily meditation practice?

Most would think the discipline to sit still, or developing the capacity to forcibly ‘stop your thoughts’ (which is impossible by the way!)

For many, there is a real physical dread – a fear of pain in the legs and back…

Though these may be challenging, these are not the hardest part of the journey with meditation. 

After sharing meditation with thousands of students, our belief is that the hardest aspect is…

…forming strong enough belief in the practice to keep at it, by yourself, every day.

The mind loves to doubt. Especially things it can’t grasp.

Can you point to your Soul? Can you measure it? Can you quantify it?

Not at all.

This is why the mind is terrified of the Soul.

We see students try a little of this, a little of that.

Many have tried apps, youtube and countless guided meditations.

These are a nice temporary crutch, much like when you sprain an ankle – some support to get you going or through a rough patch.

But we see too many students bounce from one platform to the next never making the gains they were promised or were hoping for.

Listening to the voice of someone else guide you is unlikely to yield the benefits promised by the ancient Yogic texts (equanimity, peace and a fuller life.)
Our experience has been that true meditation (the yogic activity of dhyana) is arrived at when all is let go of.


This is true meditation.

And this is a very personal journey, between you and the pristine, unblemished consciousness inside of you. 

We call this the Soul (Atman or Self).

Himalayan Meditation is a daily practice that supports you with an inner encounter with your Soul so that you can be free from external aids.

This Self-reliance brings you closer to liberation – and lets you hang up the crutch till next time you really need it.
In order to make your practice stick though, you really need to believe in it. 

Not just a bit.

Not a ‘well-see.’

You must have committment to the undertaking.

You are unlikely to form such a relationship to a hastily downloaded app…

Every month on our Soul Retreat, we help students uncover and experience a deeper sense of connection to their Soul.

More importantly, on the Soul Retreat you will be empowered to believe in yourself and your own capacity to proceed upon this path.

And once you experience the results for yourself, your faith will only get stronger… in all areas of your life.

This is the secret to making sure you show up, every day.

Belief in the practice + Faith in your experience.

= A daily meditation practice that you will actually do.

We have 2 spots remaining on our Easter Soul Retreat, April 6th to 10th.

We would love to help you form the right mindset for your lifelong journey with meditation, please feel free to click through to learn more.

We will see you on retreat!

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