004. Reflections on Samarpan – Surrender Meditation

Kailash: Live from the Yurt
Kailash: Live from the Yurt
004. Reflections on Samarpan - Surrender Meditation

Winnie interviews David and the Resident Volunteers Joel, Clemens, Mitchell, Julie and Sasha on their reflections of Samarpan Meditation.

You’ll be taken through what this practice means to us, what 30 minutes of sitting in surrender to one’s soul is like internally for us, and some responses to “Have you experienced a deep meditation state?”

Towards the end, Winnie reads a passage from “Samarpan Yog Of The Himalayas Part 1” with insight into the living Satguru’s reflection on Samarpan.

0:00 Intro by Mitch

0:44 Intro by Winnie

1:22 Winnie

5:20 Joel

– “Thoughts come up, and there’ll be time when they last a lot longer than others, but it’s the gentle reminder of ‘Surrender that thought’”

10:20 Julie

13:00 “I almost allow myself to go down those little tangents now” .. “it felt like I was battling with myself in a way”

17:35 Mitch

– “When I heard that internally ‘thank you for being here’, it felt like it was a big big space and a big big voice that resonated through that space”

25:35 Clemens

– “In the first few months, I saw myself getting emotional when I thought about certain situations from the past, or made stuff up about the future”

33:46 Sasha

– “It feels like wholeness, it starts in the centre of my being and there’s no differentiation anymore between my mind, my body, my heart and the thoughts anymore”

42:09 David

– “It’s an embodied feeling more than anything it means” .. “it’s a feeling of alignment with the reality of things, more than any concrete idea ..”

– “One carries themselves as a being that is engaged in an ongoing practice”

– “One of the great things is the new sense of Being that emerges” “I sit now, nested inside of a larger story which may not be absolutely true, but we must live inside of a story of some description”

50:45 Winnie reads a passage from “Samarpan Yog Of The Himalayas Part 1”

– “People think that to surrender everything means to give up all your wealth, to give your physical body for work, or to take a vow to undertake guru’s work throughout your life, this is what people think, but this meaning is wrong..”

54:45 Winnie’s Outro

55:16 Mitchell’s Outro

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