003. Sacred Lineages of the Earth with Bronte Spicer

Kailash: Live From the Yurt
Kailash: Live From the Yurt
003. Sacred Lineages of the Earth with Bronte Spicer

This conversation stems from the question David shares at the start, “how can we offer a facilitator a chance to round out and integrate their experience?”.

Bronte Spicer hosted her Sacred Lineages of the Earth retreat on 12-14 February 2021. For Bronte’s upcoming courses, events and upcoming new book, visit https://brontespicer.com.

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

1:35 “How’s your experience been?”

2:55 Backpedaling, Bronte’s Journey to hosting at Kailash

5:05 How has the last 18 months been in regards to how you facilitate and hold space? “I wasn’t giving myself the space to offer my own medicine, to offer what I love to teach, it was terrifying to strip everything back to nothing”

7:48 “Is this enough?”

8:31 David’s reflections and correlates to our recent meditation gathering – “The magic emerges from the group”

9:48 Space within structure “The in-between spaces are where the magic happens – The structured and formalised program is just an excuse for people to get together.”

11:53 Spaciousness & The element of space

16:03 The nature one’s creations – “We can feel if things are pushy”

17:43 What drives Bronte’s work and retreats?

20:23 The Pipe and the water analogy

25:08 The Harsh inner critic.

26:12 What scares Bronte about facilitation and putting on an event like this?

26:43 What would a bad outcome be?

36:33 What do you see coming for the people who have participated in your work?

39:48 Surrender

43:40 Bronte’s feedback on our space and the team

45:29 Bringing the sacred back to the contemporary world

47:45 Upcoming for Bronte

50:53 Kindred souls, reach out to us at Kailash!

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