002. The Queen of Confidence with Erika and Hamish Cramer

Kailash: Live From the Yurt
Kailash: Live From the Yurt
002. The Queen of Confidence with Erika and Hamish Cramer

This conversation with Erika and Hamish Cramer was recorded in the yurt here at Kailash following Erika’s 2nd The Queen of Confidence Retreat here at Kailash.

0:00: Intro

0:51: Conversation Begins

1:11: Post-facilitation – What are you feeling right now?

3:31: Adapting to the energetic requirements of the situation

5:26: What practices bring you into the Feminine?

7:20: “Mother Earth is a bad ass mum”

8:35: What are you shedding and see being welcomed in in the next 6-12 months?

14:57: What’s coming up next?

16:00: “If you’re great at service, you’re great at business”

17:00: Thank you’s

18:00: “This space feels different”

19:10: Outro

Erika’s work holds space for women to go deep into process around darkness, death and rebirth. In this conversation, Erika & Hamish reflect on their experience facilitating this retreat, and also what they have let go of in the last year, and what they’ve made space for as a result.

You can find out more about Erika’s work at https://thequeenofconfidence.com including her book “Confidence feels like Sh*t”.

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