Happy New Year!

How is your 2023 resolution going?

Are you still at it (or, like most, have you completely forgotten??) 

No judgement here; we know how hard it is to make positive change stick.

A yoga and meditation practice isn’t that complex… but in order to find the motivation and inspiration to persist with it every single day, you need to have a strong reason and an even stronger resolve.

And that has to be unique to you.
For some, it is to pull the weeds of past trauma by it’s roots, for others it is to manifest their future dream life.

For many, it is simply just to be in the moment so that they can appreciate family, friends and life.

For us, we practice meditation and yoga to bring us closer to our Soul.

My 2023 resolution was to reaffirm the Himalayan Meditation practice as my first action of the day.

A week in, here is a typical morning…

I wake. I see the mind trying to interject with all manner of excuse.

My secret is to be quick and decisive.

I move directly to my practice space and sit, not particularly comfortably, but I make sure I am not meandering or reaching for a cup of tea (or my phone.)

The first few minutes are rough. I ponder if teeth brushing shoul have come first. 

After these thoughts pass, I find my centre and my body begins to soften and to find its alignment.

I am reminded of the grace of another miraculous day on planet Earth.

I am happy to be here.

Slowly, I soften my attachment to all of the ‘things I need to do’ and embody what I find to be the most difficult virtue; patience.

Without having begun the normal activies of the day, my mind falls more easily into peace and emptiness.

After my sit, it feels natural to wake the body with some gentle Hatha Yoga, which enlivens me for work and gives my mind a sense of sharpness.

Its 6:32, an hour after I have risen and I am in my happy place and gladly greet the day ahead of me.

A simple resolution (to do what I already knew was good for me) is paying dividends only a week into the New Year.

Does this sound like something you need?

If you are looking to recapture that spark and find your own sticking power, so that your resolutions last more than a fleeting moment, we have availability on our upcoming Soul Retreats.

These are hands down the best place to learn the ancient practices of Hatha Yoga and Himalayan Meditation, but also to reconnect to your source of deeper motivation, so that your positive resolutions stick.

Make 2023 the year that your positive intention lasts; learn more about our upcoming Soul Retreat.

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