Slow it down

The nature of my mind seems to be quite an impatient one. Being slow doesn’t feel that it comes naturally to me – my default setting feels like it is a million miles an hour.

But what if I challenge the basis for this attitude of my constant ‘warp speed’?

Let us learn from the Guru of Guru’s, mother nature herself.

The striving and wanting of an acorn cannot rush the oak tree.

The apple must flower and be pollenated in order to fruit.

The seasons govern a rhythm of the tree, the weather enables its dance.

What is the most natural way to be as a human being on earth?

Sometimes quick, sometimes still, but is there something that transcends the changing of speed?

What is the timeless constant for you?

A massage for a loved one isn’t better if it is arrived at quicker, 60 minutes of movement compressed into 30 isn’t twice as good. Yet we run through life as though it is!

2 hours of massage might be nice, but 8 hours might be too much for any mortal to handle.

So what is the nature of love, movement, time and how shall we be optimally?

We all have an intuitive grasp of the correct speed required for a given task, in the moment.

Like the archer drawing his bow, there is a steady draw and build of tension and then a fast release.

Some things require our speed, others our agility, sometimes our brute force.

But can there be a part of us not engaged with the flux and change? What is the nature of the constant if it is not the Soul.

Extricated from life, one lives more fully.

Unshackled from agenda, the requirement of the situation calls forth and the action comes from nature, not as an imposition into it.

This harmony can only be felt by the intuitive sense, not the mind, certainly not the clock.

The next question that comes is how to bring alive this inner feeling? How to build it? How to enhance it?

Himalayan Meditation is an ancient practice of complete surrender. It boggles the mind – no right way, no wrong way, truly an activity that has no winner nor looser and that you will never be ‘good’ at.

In submission though, the current of life moves you.

It takes you into the sweet embrace without differentiation – it is an entry into witnessing the Goddess as She wants to be seen, not how you want Her to be.

She reveals Herself on Her terms, not as a consequence of striving, pushing, agenda and effort.

Open your eyes, and watch Her dance before you, at your own peril. Because Her dance is one that takes you into realms beyond the body and beyond the mind. The cost of this journey is everything you have, and more. You will be fleeced for every possession, thought, gesture and moment.

It is the takeover.

As the ego dies it is Her speed that moves you.

The embrace of the Lover and Beloved made one in ecstasy.

This is the speed of Love.

Sit with a sincere wish for something larger than you to guide you, to take you, to own you and it will – God is always listening.

But as She enters, She will also show you the junk that you have piled up at the front door. She will reveal to you your mortal obstructions. These feeble attempts to block the Grace and to busy oneself with personal want and desires.

Your attempts at delaying the inevitable Death matter not to Her, for patiently She waits, even if you can’t.

And the moment you finally turn into Her grace, you will realise She was there all along, waiting, watching, loving, supporting. She was the ground you ran on without acknowledgment. She was the water that bathed you, the fire that warmed you, the air you breathe and the space between. She knows that you impatience, rushing, pushing and striving are indeed a searching for Her, a yearning for the Mother.

To that Mother, to the Adi-guru we bow.

Jai Ma!

To take this from idea to embodied reality, we suggest the path of Himalayan Meditation. It is best experienced first as a live energy on retreat, please check our offerings for upcoming dates.

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