Staying Centred In The Silly Season


Beers. Catch Ups. Balls. Galas. Awards. Celebration and Family Dinners.

The Christmas and holiday period are overwhelming (to say the least!) As we collectively push on through, attempting to finish the work before taking a few weeks of downtime, for many of us the reality of the impending challenges of family and self connection draw near.

I spent much of my life accustomed to drowning away my sorrows, and also using alcohol to be the social lubricant to get me speaking, connecting and ‘enjoying’ my time off.

What was hidden beneath this exterior, was a Soul not at ease with its current surrounds. Habitually I would cling to unhealthy coping mechanisms life raft, hoping that indulgence would take me through the seas of inn dis-ease.

As meditation entered my life and I learned to grapple with being still, I found less and less requirement to indulge in the collective madness. I found myself enjoying being sober and clear, able to enjoy the festive vibe without the hangover…

For many, it isn’t the work functions and social catch ups that are the triggers, it is closer to home. There is nothing quite like the family environment to be able to trigger your deepest insecurities.

I love the quote by Ram Dass “Anyone who thinks they are enlightened should spend Christmas with their family.”

I hear in this the truth that the family play a unique part in one’s life, and that they can often be a source of interpersonal shenanigans and tension like no other.

This begs the question, how does one not only learn to cope with familial tensions, but turn themself into a source of connection and a force of positivity.

Step 1: Extricate yourself from the mental narrative

Unless you can witness your thoughts, sensations and emotions arising, you will be caught by them.

Step 2: Reaffirm a sense of unity

Make a conscious choice to see that you not only share blood, but air, water, food and sunshine.

Step 3: Offer understanding, positivity and love through thought and speech

From your centre, learn to err on the side of agreeing and make the choice to say something positive

Step 4: If all else fails, pray for the virtues you need

Having a hard time forgiving? Unable to let go but you know you need to? Simply ask for the strength and courage required to forgive, and watch it manifest.

We pray that your family gatherings and Christmas lunches are full of joy, connection and love.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

From David, Rajni and The Kailash Family

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