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Kailash Elements Retreat - 26th to 30th September

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4 night retreat imparting authentic Hatha yogic sadhana
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Are you ready to be fully equipped to take care of your mind, body and soul and to proceed on the path of traditional yoga?

The Soul Immersion is a comprehensive retreat experience that will impart authentic yogic sadhana so that you are able to cultivate lasting health and inner prosperity.

Who is this for?

The Kailash Elements Retreat is suitable for sincere seekers of a variety of backgrounds. A mature disposition is required, as is an openness to receive guidance upon the path of yoga. We do not discriminate on age, gender, or physical abilities or flexibility. Most aspects of the Hatha Yoga practice can be modified to suit body shape and size.

During the retreat you will receive the following practices:

  • Balakrama - a set Hatha Yoga prelude form from the Shadow Yoga practice. Each morning you will be guided through the movements and positionings (karanas) that make up the Balakrama (stepping into strength). This prelude form will strengthen the blood and bones and will begin to remove obstructions in the body, preparing the student for more advanced practice such as the Nrtta Sadhana (Pure Dance of Shiva.) This will also help condition the body for seated activity and will assist in reducing discomfort for Himalayan Meditation.
  • Mahashibir – An 8 day workshop consisting of evening discourses and collective meditations from a living Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Master, Swami Shivkrupanand. Each evening in the build up to the full moon, we will watch and receive a translated recording of the program which was designed for dissemination in this manner. The Mahashibir is the ‘next step’ along the path of Himalayan Meditation, giving students the ability to connect to the teachings of the Master from whom this practice has come. This will be supplemented each day with a facilitated discussion and Q&A sessions with the Ashram Managers, David and Rajni.
  • Mountain Yoga - Contemplative Activities to connect you to the body, mind and elements of nature. During the day we will be actively engaged as we explore the beautiful property, our body and inner realm as manifestations of the one universal Soul. This will help you to understand the interconnectedness of body, nature and mind through your Soul; the witness of your experience. It will also reveal restrictions and remove obstructions to your wellbeing.
  • Personal reflection time – Each day there is plenty of space for you to reflect, contemplate, digest, write, draw or simply to rest.
  • Gurukarya – (optional) Your daily opportunity to contribute to the Ashram through meditative selfless service in the garden or assisting with the cleanliness and maintenance of the facility

What is included?

  • 4 nights of accommodation in a private room including linen.
  • All vegetarian meals and snacks (3 meals per day)
  • Daily Hatha Yoga workshop
  • Daily Collective Himalayan Meditation Discourse + Practice
  • Daily personal practice
  • Daily Mountain Yoga Workshop
  • Sound Meditation
  • Traditional Fire Ceremony
  • Plenty of time for personal practice


2pm on the day of commencement


From 12pm on day of conclusion

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