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Kailash Offerings

To complement the booking of our facilities, either as part of a personal retreat, group booking or retreat collaboration, we offer the following services and cherish the opportunity to share them with love.

We are also able to offer these independent of accommodation bookings should you and your group be interested in a day visit.

Please browse below for full details and prices and be in touch if you would like to book.

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An Introduction to "Himalayan Meditation"

More than just a style of meditation, this is a connection to a lineage of living energy, embodied by His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swami. 

The technique is free, accessible and beyond religion, race or culture. 

The powerful practice awakens Soul consciousness and assists in the connection to one’s own humanity. 

For more information plrease ask or visit www.gurutattva.org

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Sound Meditation

David and Rajni weave Himalayan Bowls, Gong, Handpan and Shamanic Drum with sacred mantra to hold space for you to journey deeply within.

Optional accompaniments are Clemens and Mitchell (volunteer residents) with Australian Indigenous Yidaki (didgeridoo).

We are also able to guide an integration session for you and your guests to unpack the hidden meanings of your visionary experiences.

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Hatha Yoga

Tailored sessions drawing on David’s 15 years of Hatha yoga sadhana. 

Including asana, movements, sound and philosophy, all shared from an embodied practice. 

A great way to begin or deepen your Yoga journey, we are able to customise your session for you to receive an outcome you have in mind, e.g. relaxation, energy or technique refinement.

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Chitta Shuddhi Yagya (Traditional Fire Ceremony)

Chitta is awareness, Shuddhi is purification, and a Yagya is a sacrificial fire offering.

Combine all three and you have a 3 hour journey that has the explicit intent of clearing your mind and establishing soul consciousness. David and Rajni share this ancient practice as it was given to them by their meditation lineage and are able to offer an interpretation on the meaning of each step, helping you understand the relevance of such a sacred ritual.

Contrary to what it may seem, this practice is not religious in the sense it requires no belief in a particular deity or faith; each step relates to an aspect of self and nature. In the acknowledgement and offering of such things as flower, rice and ghee to the fire, we symbolise an internal offering of the Soul to the beyond (however you dare conceive of it!)

There have, and will continue to be tears of joy and laughter as we share sacred mantra and guide the group through collective participation of the ritual. It is also a fantastic way to celebrate married couples.

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Soul Art

Rajni will guide the group into the inner relms through a meditation in nature, connected to the earth. After you encounter hidden parts of yourself, the journey is over to you!

In the process of creation, healing, growth and transformation occurs. Art is used here to tap into our inner power, to free us of the shackles of the mind.

No skill or experience is required and all materials are provided!

Fish Falls Grampians Adventure
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Mindful Adventure

The natural environment has an untapped ability to offer us healing and guidance. By listening to

the land, the ancients knew that it was through direct experience that we receive powerful insight and growth. David has been informed by the study of indigenous cultures and practices from Nepal.

These sessions include mindfulness activities in and around the property and to local waterfalls and attractions and include breathing, walking, hearing, seeing, chanting and discussion. They bring peace to participants through being fully engaged with their senses, awareness and this beautiful country.

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Discourse + Q&A

David and Rajni are able to offer themselves in service of your retreat, sharing insight from their personal sadhana and life experience.

They have both spent many years facilitating lively group discussions in private, corporate and spiritual settings and are comfortable sharing on topics as diverse as; 

Yoga, Meditation, Trauma, Healing, Ceremony, Conflict, War, Peacem Growth, Motivation, Worship, Devotion and Life!

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Retreat Catering

Please reach out directly for more details about retreat catering.

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Retreat Photography

Please reach out for more details about Photography for your event, retreat or gathering.

90% of the website and photos were taken, edited and built by David and the team.

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