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Soul Immersion

Find balance and inner peace at our 7 night retreat focused on deepening your own meditation and yoga practice.

Recharge, reconnect and renew your sense of connection to self and nature


What is stopping you from fully standing into yourself ?

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How much of your potential do feel you are living up to?

Who would you be if you routinely did all of the things that you knew were good for you?

In the depths of our Soul, we are all capable of far more than both what have been told and what we have come to think.

So, why set an upper limit?

In our ancient Himalayan tradition, the Soul is experienced and felt as nothing short of sacred.

Holy, Pure Divine.

But how often do you feel that?

At the Soul Immersion we are here to help you aim for the stars

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Our life changing retreats are hosted at our traditional yoga Ashram, set on 50 acres of pristine bush in the Grampians, just 3.5 hrs from Melbourne.

There is no better place to unplug from the city and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature!

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Do you trust your experience?

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What holds many back from feeling comfortable in their Soul is a lack of compelling experience.

How can you explain to someone who has never been thirsty how good plain old water is?! 

The connection to the Soul must be tasted for yourself.

Joy, meaning and inner peace are the time honoured fruit of the practices of meditation and yoga.

They arise spontaneoulsy when life is in balance.

Once you experiecne this for yourself, you will believe on your own authority.

 You will have found a deep enough reason to persist with these sometimes arduous, challenging practices.

And contrary to what many will share on instagram, hatha yoga and meditation require sustained effort and commitment.

In a week with us, we will teach you how to fill your own cup. 

What's included


7 nights

All Meals

Delicious farm-to-table healthy vegetarian cuisine


Mindfully engage with nature


Introduction, daily practice and Q&A

Soul Art

Creative practice to make you smile


Authentic Hatha Yoga with lineage

Sacred ritual

Traditional fire ceremony (Yagya)

How deep can you go?

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Life on retreat is beatiful; there is accountability, supportive community and a beautiful setting.

But when you get home, that is when the real work begins.  

We run and support retreats full time. It’s all we do. And we see it all.

Many facilitators, beautiful souls with great programs, unkowingly leave their guests ‘high and dry.’

Love you Monday, forget you Friday.

They deliver an amazing retreat and have a great time soaking in the beauty of Kailash, but how much of what is shared is integrated and implemented into the every day life of their students?

At our Soul Immersion, our focus is on equipping you with a blend of ancient and contemporary tools so that you can take charge of your own journey.

We love having you here, but we care more what you do back in your everyday setting. We want to see you prosper, flower, blossom and succeed by your own definition.

This is why the most engaging, most affordable and most enjoyable way of experiencing a Soul Immersion is as part of our Kailash membership, where you will be given the time, space and incentive to continue with what you have learned here with us.  

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Sample Day

7am –              Hatha Yoga Masterclass 

9am –              Breakfast

10am             Personal Discovery

11am –            Daily Activity / Adventure

1pm –              Lunch

2pm –4pm      Individual contemplation time 

5pm                  Meditation 

6 pm                 Dinner

7pm –              Discourse and discussion

8pm –              Personal Reflection 

10pm –            Quiet time  


Here are some of the authentic practices that you will learn

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Himalayan Meditation

You will learn an ancient practice of meditation based upon the inner feeling of surrender. It is a silent practice of 30 minutes conducted both individually and as a group.


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Hatha Yoga

You will enliven your body each morning, readying for the activity of the day. 

David has practiced under the tutelage of the Shadow Yoga school for 15 years and will share the introductory sequence.

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Soul Art

You will experience a reconnection to your inner child, a place from where the fun of creation emerges.

Be prepared for healing, insight, laughter and tears. No skills or talent are required!


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Mountain Yoga

You will be guided to touch that ever elusive ‘connection to nature’ many are yearning for through a unique mindfulness practice, based on indigenous meditative practices from the mountains of Nepal.


and some of the activities you will participate in;

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Sound Meditation

Allow us to take you into deep rest as the waves of sound dissolve into the ocean of consciousness. 

Nepalese healing bowls, handpan, gong, drum, and sacred mantra are woven into a divine soundscape.


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Traditional Fire Ceremony

Participate in a 5000+ year old authentic and traditional sacrificial fire offering (Yagya) with the aim of purifying one’s consciousness. We will guide you both in the activity, and how each step is relevant to modern life. 


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Sample Menu

As Napoleon quipped, an army marches on it’s stomach, and it is essential that the activity of the day is fuelled by wholesome and nutritious food.

Our vegetarian cuisine is seasonal, where possible grown on the land, made with love and is free from gluten (with vegan options.)

Breakfast – 

Morning Tea – 

Lunch – 

Afternoon Tea – 

Dinner – 

It is time to trust your Soul...

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Look, we know that Soul Immersion is a big commitment.

It isn’t for everyone. And we are cool with that.

It is deep.

It promises big.

It is for those that are sincere in their seeking, those that are ready for change, those that want to honour themselves as sacred. 

And we don’t want you to take our word for it.

What we share passionately at the Soul Immersion are practices that connect you to your inner wisdom. We help you learn to listen to that part of you that already knows the truth.

It is about letting the Soul guide you, not the mind.

Your destiny may be on a journey here to Kailash… or it might not.

Our first teaching, right now, we ask that you connect to your Soul. Put your attention on the top of your head and  Surrender

Empty yourself and just feel

Is this for you?

If it is a no, power to you for listening! You may want to get a taste of what Kailash is about through our online Learn to Meditate course, or perhaps come to the weekend based Soul Retreat. You can even learn more about who is in the space and what makes us tic through our podcast and blog.

For those that hear a ‘yes,’ congratulations on anserwing the call. 

We promise that the experience here will exceed your expectations and that your Soul will get exactly what it needs.


Upfront Investment

$ 1649
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Gourmet vegetarian food (All meals provided)
  • Instruction in authentic practices of Yoga and Meditation
  • Mindful connection to nature
  • Walk away confident you will stick to your daily practices

Membership Option

$ 199 per month, for 12 months
  • 1 x Soul Immersion voucher (valued at $1899)
  • 1 x 4 night personal retreat (valued at $799)
  • 45 day - Learn to Meditate online course (valued at $149)
  • Access to daily live meditation and Q&A sessions (valued at $199)
  • Surprise bonus gifts
Great value

Meet your Hosts

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David and Rajni

David and Rajni are the full-time custodians of Kailash and the facilitators for the Soul Retreat,

They weave together as two hands of the same creature and are direct, honest and here to serve you.

As facilitators, they are engaging and entertaining, and share insight gleaned from their heartfelt, direct and often humorous experience of life. 

Prepare to let go of expectations! 

As a couple their uncompromising pursuit of the divine infuses all of what they do; both at Kailash on retreats and in their daily family life.

Their love and respect for their space, guests and residents flows at the Soul level and unites their worship of the sacred with artful expression, craftsmanship and devotion to their traditions and lineage. 

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David Wegman

What David shares at Kailash is truly Himself as an embodiment of the practices that have brought him home. 

Any merit you see in him or Kailash, David offers directly to the lineages and practices which saved him from himself.

With experience spanning service in Afghanistan as a Sniper, as an Architect, a tertiary level educator, global traveller, sadhak, devotee and disciple, you will be at ease in his presence and his humble, sincere and humorous tone will help you find your own inspiration to be authentically you.

He seeks to bring honour to the lineages to which he belongs and weaves insight, activities and group facilitation from his diverse background. 


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Rajni Wegman

Rajni is a fierce devotee of the path of Love and Devotion and will inspire you to raise your benchmark of what you think you are worth and what you deserve in this life (hint; you deserve the best!)

Her story is one of triumph over adversity and what she shares will have you relating to your own struggles and challenges in new ways. 

Rajni has been part of a team that has shared meditation online with thousands of people, just like you. Having Mauritian and Indian ancestry, growing up in France, living in the UK and now Australia, She is at ease with all cultures, beliefs and ways of life.

In her presence you will feel at peace, inspired and more in love with yourself than ever and Her Soul Art will be the hug that your inner child needs.

But don’t let looks and her loving disposition deceive you, She is a fierce warrior and will cut to the chase, offering you a direct, no-nonsense reflection. 


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