Volunteer Residency

Our Volunteer Residents form the backbone of Kailash and hold the ‘earth’ element.

We are intimitely involved in the running of both daily life and the Kailash retreats.

For those who resonate with the Kailash vision and are motivated by giving, service and love, we warmly welcome your expression of interest. 

Kailash Volunteers contribute from their heart for 6 hours each day, 5 days per week  

Food is self managed and communally prepared by the volunteers though when we are catering for retreats and other groups it is provided.

The minimum duration of stay is one month, though for those with specialised skills or a trade we are happy for weekly committments.  

Tasks include but are not limited to; gardening, cooking, supporting retreats, construction, maintenance, cleaning, and helping on creative projects.

Please connect with the team to chat further and for an application pack.