Retreat Scholarship

The Browning Scholarship

Kailash Ashram is honoured to receive funding from a philanthropic family that wish to support access to the Ashram for guests who, due to disadvantage or life circumstance, would otherwise be unable to attend.

We award one place on each retreat to a guest in need who will be able to attend completely free of charge. 

Applications may be completed for yourself, or you may nominate a guest who you feel would benefit from the Ashram’s programs.

Please ensure that you, or the nominee, meet the eligibility criteria (see below.)

After your application is made, we will be in touch to have a 30 minute zoom call to discuss your application.

Application Form

Eligibility Criteria

Low Income

To be eligible under this category, at the time of application you must be either:

  • receiving a current Centrelink payment and/or benefit (e.g. Youth Allowance, JobSeeker or a Low Income Health Care Card), or
  • experiencing exceptional financial disadvantage but not receiving any Centrelink payments or benefits

Indigenous Australian

For those who identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Difficult Circumstances

This category applies if you have experienced difficult circumstances that have affected you.

This may include:

  • abusive family environment

  • carer responsibilities (e.g. ill children, parent, siblings)

  • chronic medical condition of a dependent child

  • death of a parent/guardian/close relative

  • death of a teacher/classmate/friend

  • homelessness

  • major illness of parent/guardian/close relative

  • multiple relocations/moving house

  • natural disaster (e.g. bushfire, flood)

  • parent’s separation/divorce

  • relationship breakdown with significant other

  • victim of crime.

Regional And Remote Areas

This category applies if you live or have lived in a regional and remote area of Australia as determined by the Australian Standard Geographical Classification Remoteness Areas Locator.

Disability Or Long-Term Medical Condition

This category applies if you have a disability or medical condition that has affected your ability to live a full life. This may include chronic pain, major illness, drug addiction, learning disabilities and mental illness, eating disorder, glandular fever, chronic fatigue syndrome or vision or hearing impairments.

Nomination of Another Person In Need
(who does not meet the above criteria)

This category applies if you believe that the Ashram’s programs would benefit another person who simply would not prioritise attendance at a retreat or the Ashram. 

Examples may be; a stressed out sibling, family member or friend, or perhaps someone who is going through a transition period in life or a spiritual awakening and is in need of guidance and support, yet is unlikely to be aware of the Ashram’s programs, and would not prioritise such an experience nor otherwise attend.