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Welcome To Kailash Ashram

Victoria's Most Soulful Meditation and Yoga Retreat Centre

Kailash Ashram is a traditional yoga and meditation retreat centre (an Ashram) set in the pristine nature of the Grampians in Western Victoria, just a few short hours from Melbourne and Adelaide.

We invite you to join us on one of our life-changing meditation and yoga retreats where you will receive authentic teachings on traditional meditation and yoga. 

Relax the body, quieten the mind and reconnect to your Soul as you learn traditional practices in an intimate group setting.  

Retreats are our gift, our passion and our calling

We share these for the benefit of your health, peace and inner wellbeing.

Get ready, the retreat starts now!

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“I will leave knowing the facilitators have deep integrity and that this is an authentic Ashram” 

Nicki joined us for a meditation and yoga retreat in 2022 and will leave having her expectations far exceeded! 

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Who Are
The Ashram's Meditation & Yoga Retreats For?

The Ashram & Our Yoga Retreats Are Here To Serve Your Soul!

The most common issue our guests face is that they struggle to ‘make time for me’ and to accept themselves as they are.

Many guests know they are in need of ‘something’ and often don’t know how or where to start to make a commitment to daily practice and positive, lasting change.

Some are just in need of rest, recuperation and a supportive environment to further their practice.

Others are after, authentic, traditional yogic teachings and practice.

That’s where we come in!

Our retreats are a gateway into the powerful ancient practices of Himalayan Meditation and Hatha Yoga.

On our retreats we welcome you into our Ashram community which is here to serve you well beyond the retreat in your daily life.

After attending one of our life-changing retreats, you will qualify for our exclusive Ashram Membership.

Membership will give you access to the Ashram on a donation basis and to free retreats for your own personal private meditation and yoga retreats.

Take charge of your wellbeing; unplug, practice, destress and reconnect to your Soul!

Our Yoga Retreats Support The Community & Those In Need

Kailash Ashram is a not-for-profit organisation that lives to see you happy, healthy and being guided from within.  

We invest all profits from our retreats in supporting our mission to disseminate meditation, free of charge, to those in need.

After the retreat, you will qualify as an Ashram Member and will be able to give back by supporting others on by volunteering on retreat!

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“I don’t need to participate in energy that doesn’t align with me!”

Kate is a Yoga Teacher who attended our Soul Retreat in 2022 and found the courage to cut cords with things that weren’t serving her.

Learn to Go beyond

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Kailash Ashram
Meditation & Yoga Retreat F.A.Q.

What is a Yoga and Meditation Ashram?

Ashram is a Sanskrit word that comes from ‘śram’ meaning ‘to toil (or work).’ 

This refers to ‘the inner work’ in cultivating health in mind and body. When you do this you allow your  awareness to rest in its natural state; one of inner peace and equanimity. 

Then you are free to live a full, rich and engaged life without fear and worry! 

Our Ashram is a dedicated facility for both the sharing and practice of meditation and yoga techniques. 

We have found that these are best shared on retreat. 

What tradition does Kailash Ashram belong to and what is shared on our Yoga and Meditation retreats?

Kailash Ashram is an independent, non-religious but deeply spiritual organisation.

We follow the ‘Samarpan Dhyan Sanskar’ tradition and teachings of Shree Shivkrupanand Swami (Swamiji) who is based in Gujarat, India.

Swamiji’s mission is to share meditation to humanity, for free, independent of culture, cast or creed. The Ashram is proud to share the Himalayan Meditation practice that was given to us, from the perspective of our own journey through life.

Our Ashram Director, David, is a close student of Sundernath of the Shadow Yoga School. Sundernath is an initiate in the Nath Sampradaya of Nepal and David shares Hatha Yoga from his personal practice.


Our guiding principle is that Your Soul is Your Guru.


Should a yoga and meditation retreat be a priority for me (ie is it worth spending money to learn these practices?)

We believe that your mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing are the most important aspects of your life. 

If you cultivate genuine health and wellbeing, we have found everything else falls into place. You will find stability, prosperity and satisfaction right through to unique spiritual insight.


All dimensions of life are enhanced by the practices we share.


We invite you to consider that the retreat is an investment in a set of tools that will be with you for life, and hopefully the start of a life-long friendship with the Ashram.


What we have personally received from these practices is truly priceless, though pragmatically in modern times we must charge fees that reflect the cost of running the Ashram and events.


If you are in a disadvantaged position please apply for one of our scholarships


Where is the Ashram & Yoga Retreat Located?

Kailash Ashram is approximately half-way between Melbourne and Adelaide. We are nestled in the pristine nature of the Grampians National Park.

Traditionally, meditation and yoga were shared in mountain hermitages for thousands of years. A remote location provides a quiet, peaceful environment conducive to your learning.

 With earthy and grounding accommodation in our hand pressed mud brick lode, you will be cosy in our refined yet rustic space. 

We are set on sacred land in ‘Gariwerd Country’ and we invite you to form a deep connection to the land and traditional culture of the region.

 We are here to support you on your lifelong personal inner journey towards a meaningful and purpose driven life; consider this your spiritual home!

Yoga Retreat Venue Hire in Victoria

We love to collaborate with like hearted groups interested in participating in the space and utilising the facilities, though we only allow Ashram Members to hire the Ashram as a venue.

This means that the first step if you with to hire the  Ashram for your own retreat, is connecting with us on one of our retreats and then becoming an Ashram member!

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“In a few days I managed to quieten things right down!”

Kyle came to a meditation and yoga retreat tired of western medicine and was able to balance his mind.

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Kailash Ashram (In)frequently Asked Questions!

"Yoga retreat? But I'm not flexible, I'm a little scared of this stuff"

Perhaps you are feeling that this is all quite a lot!

If your body is a little stiff and you are are new to yoga and meditation, you will benefit the most from a retreat at the Ashram!

Maybe you googled ‘What is an Ashram?’ and haven’t come across a traditionally oriented yoga ashram in your search.

No worries at all! We are glad you found us!

Yoga is about connecting to what is here, without judgement. We have shared meditation and yoga with every sort of body, mind and soul irrespective of age and cultural background.

All sizes, shapes and abilities are welcome and will benefit from the practice we share.

We live and breathe this stuff and still consider ourselves as little children compared to the great Masters.

We are humble, authentic, raw and real and trust that the traditional and Soulful energy we share helps to inform your understanding of yoga beyond what is shared on ‘instagram.’

I'm A Yoga Teacher or have done Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hr YTT... Am I Beyond This And
(Are Your Retreats Too Basic For Me?)

We have hosted many yoga teachers and facilitators on our retreats (check out Kate’s testimonial above) who have benefited from the mindset and traditional practices that we have shared.

All guests are invited to come with an open mind, regardless of their experience levels. Much of the modern accreditation system (200Hr YTT) is a distraction from the essence of a yoga practice; your connection to yourself!

For those sincere students who have been considering doing Yoga Teacher Training YTT 200 Hr course, we encourage you to connect to the Ashram and experience one of our retreats; we are developing a training progression which is more akin to an apprenticeship program and closer to the way that yoga was originally shared.

We share traditional, authentic practices, that are thousands of years old. Without the fuss, but with a whole lot of love.

What is a Guru?

Many students we encounter have only connected to yoga through a commercial yoga studio, a gym or online.

The historic origins of yoga are as an applied spiritual practice (sadhana) with a progression from physical body activities to the subtle realms of mind and beyond (the Soul.)

It is not a religious system. Through practice it will reveal what it must to each student (Sadhak.)

For many in India, yoga includes devotional practice where the teacher is held in very high regard.

Many students consider themselves a ‘devotee’ of a particular practice and/or living master. This is what we refer to as the Guru-Shishya tradition.

Kailash Ashram is focused on sharing the practices of meditation and yoga, free from any requirement for our guests to be connected by way of devotion to a living Master (or Guru.) 

As the Ashram Managers, we have a deep reverence for the Masters in our Traditions, and we respect our Gurus the way that many Buddhists would venerate the Dalai Lama.

We do not impose this on you or any guest, but similarly we do not hide the source of the practices that we share and our love for them.

For those who feel called to explore the more ‘devotional’ side of a yoga practice, we are able to guide you when the time is right.

The first step for al guests and students is becoming regular with their yoga and meditation practice.  

Is this a 'Cult?'

No! And an honest note for those whom may be more cynical about ‘Ashrams’ & ‘Gurus’

Over the years there have been infrequent scandals that gathered negative attention towards a few ‘Ashrams’ and spiritual teachers in the West.

As is often the case, the minority grabs more attention and distracts from the overwhelming good work many spiritual teachers and Ashrams share. 

Let us reassure you that we are not connected to any of these traditions whatsoever.

There are several thousand Ashrams in India and around the world. These range in size of a single teacher through to communities of thousands. 99.99% of these run without issue and provide a great benefit to humanity. 

Ours is one of those.

 Kailash Ashram is a small facility, run by a small family (David, Rajni and their children.) We are compassionate householders who lead a full and normal life. We share practices that do not require us to touch you and we will never ask you to do anything that you are not 100% comfortable with.   

We hope this puts the minds at ease of those Souls who may have seen certain netflix series, news articles about other so-called ‘ashrams’ or if you may have just been afraid of offending us if you asked!