Ashram Guidelines

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Ashram Guidelines

Kailash Ashram is a quiet and peaceful environment for retreat, spiritual practice, contemplation and introspection.

In order to support and honour this, we ask that you respect the space as you would a temple or church.

The Journey as a Soul

The Ashram is an ideal environment to retrain the mind to be internally oriented and the rules are here to assist in that process.  

Meditation can surface unconscious patterns obstructing you from a deeper connection to yourself (what we refer to as your Soul.)

Please be aware that the practices of meditation and yoga that are shared at the Ashram require a mature disposition.

As you learn to foster a ‘soul based’ connection, we ask that you be internally focused which will assist other guests in feeling comfortable and at ease during their stay.

We understand that having ‘rules’ may be new for some guests, please let us reassure you that they are shared in the spirit of supporting your spiritual growth whilst you stay with us.

They are not at all judgements about your personal life or choice of activities that you engage in outside of the Ashram!

Guests who break the Ashram rules will be asked to rectify their behaviour immediately. Management reserves the right to ask any guest in breach of the rules or guidelines to leave immediately and without refund.

Ashram Rules



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Retreat Guidelines



Between 5pm & 6pm on the first day of your retreat


Check Out

Guests are required to clean rooms and bathrooms prior to checking out. 


Rooms clean and vacated by 12am, departure by 2pm


Retreat Program


Soul Retreat

Attendance at programmed activities is compulsory unless exemption is granted by prior arrangement. The Soul Retreat is a closed camp and all guests are required to remain on the premisis until the conclusion of the retreat.

Retreat Personal Pack List
(All Students + Guests)

  • Enclosed shoes suitable for walking (runners are fine)
  • Clean house slippers (no outside use)
  • Toiletries incl soap
  • Towel for indoors
  • Beach towel for outdoors
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Day bag
  • Warm jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Long pants
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirts
  • Swimming attire (optional)
  • Comfy attire for yoga
  • Personal art supplies (optional)
  • Torch
  • Blanket / shawl
  • Outdoor cushion (optional)
  • Ear Plugs (for light sleepers)

Retreat Meals

The ashram provides 3 nutritious and healthy vegetarian meals per day, at set meal times. The ashram food is here to support the activity and practice of meditation and yoga and is restrained in spice / salt.

NOTE: Guests are not allowed to bring food items unless by prior arrangement (strictly vegetarian, no eggs.)


Dietary Allergies

Please notify us at time of booking if you have a significant allergy; eg celiac, lactose, nuts.


Dietary Preferences / Intolerances

The Ashram is unable to modify meals to suit individual preferences regarding taste, or for the exclusion of minor intolerances. There is ample plain rice, bread and fruit at each meal for those students and guests. 


Mauna (Silence) 2100 - 0730

Mauna (silence) is observed to assist in keeping one’s attention internally focused between 830pm (after meditation) and 730am each day. Please assist us in reminding guests in the event they forget. 

Silence, as a practice is beyond simply not talking; it is about avoiding outside distractions and keeping one’s chitta (attention) on the inner realm.  



Mature children are permitted on our retreats subject to prior arrangement and discussion with the ashram managers. 

Children are to be supervised at all times and no responsibility can be taken for their safety (there are unfenced water courses on the property.) 

Please ensure that your children are well behaved and that other guests are not disturbed.

Note for other guests: Requests for children are infrequent. We do not discriminate our sharing of the practices based on age, though it is exceedingly rare for them to attend. 


Access for Guests with Disability

Our lodge has ground floor access and can accommodate wheelchairs. The bathrooms have grab rails in the showers but not on the toilet. 

To enter the practice space there are 3 steps without ramp.

We are happy to do a video walkthrough for guests wanting to see if the venue is suitable for their needs.

More information for NDIS participants here;

Public Transport

There is a V-Line and Bus combination departing several times per day from Southern Cross station to Horsham, the nearest regional centre. Subject to availability, and prior arrangement we may be able to organise a pick up or drop off for $100 each way (it is 50km one way.)

This is strictly by prior arrangement and agreement. 


Driving Instructions

Address: 31 Wartook Rise, Wartook, 3401 Vic

Lodge: Please drive up the driveway, the lodge is 300m and on your left. 

Parking: Next to (not in front of) the lodge

Wartook Rise is a signposted dirt road off of the Northern Grampians road between Halls Gap and Horsham.

The route through Ararat to Halls Gap and then Wartook is more scenic but has many bends and avoids some time on the Western Highway, though at dusk and dawn it is advised to keep it to 70km/h because of kangaroos / emus.

Guests wishing to avoid the windy mountain or in large vehicles are advised to take the rought through Stawell and Roses Gap Rd.   


Gurukarya is the yoga of embodied service. 

During retreats we mindfully tend to the space and as a group assist in keeping the space tidy and the land maintained. 

It is a great opportunity to cultivate care of the environment and foster connection between guests.

Activities can include; gardening, landscaping, maintenance, cleaning, creative projects. 

Booking Terms

All Ashram and retreat bookings are subject to terms.

100% Refundable Deposit

Students wishing to secure dates for retreat are able to place a $300 deposit. This deposit is 100% refundable up to 45 days prior to the retreat. Full payment for the retreat must be made 45 days prior to the retreat.



45 Days or longer prior to the booking, transfer of dates or full refund is available without penalty minus $50 processing fee (subject to availability.)

Less than 45 Days prior to the commencement of the booking , in the event of a cancellation caused by the guest due to any reason, there will be no refund given.

In the event of a cancellation caused by Kailash, a transfer of dates or full refund will be offered.


If eligible, refunds will be processed within 30 days of notification.

Covid-19 Lockdown

In the event of a state or federal mandated lockdown or change to state of emergency conditions that explicitly prohibits the running of the event (such as but not limited to stage 4 lockdowns etc), a voucher for the full amount paid for the retreat will be issued and valid for 12 months from the date of the original retreat.

Guests who are unable to attend because they are sick with any illness including covid will not be entitled to a refund. If this is a concern, we suggest booking insurance.

Natural Disaster and Extreme Weather

Fire Danger; In the event of a Code Red or Extreme fire day in the region, or forecasted for the region, or an impending risk to the property by a bushfire or other natural disaster, all guests will be required to evacuate if on location, or will be unable to proceed with the booking if yet to arrive.

A transfer of dates will be offered, or a voucher issued and valid for 12 months. Refunds will not be issued.

NDIS Retreats

Fees charged for retreat are as per the guidelines in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.

Please email to organise an NDIS funded retreat.    

Self Managed – Normal cancellation terms apply (no cancellations within 45 days of the retreat)

Plan Managed – Short Notice Cancellations within 7 days of the retreat will be charged. 

Privacy Policy - Opt out

All data and guest personal details are stored securely and will not be shared with other guests.

 During the conduct of the retreat, the Ashram reserves the right to use photography and video capture which is disseminated privately to retreat guests. If you wish to be excluded from this, our policy is to OPT OUT at the start of the retreat.

If you wish to have your images exempt from being used in the sharing of the Ashram’s activities online and on social media, please let management know at the commencement of the retreat and we will notify other guests.


Please feel free to contact management with any questions or requests via our webform.

Retreat Frequently Asked Questions

Venue / Accommodation

When is the next retreat?

Please check our store here

Are arrival and departure times flexible?

No. Activities commence 30 minutes after the arrival time. To ensure the smooth running of the retreat we ask all guest to coordinate their arrival and departure accordingly.

What is the location of the retreat?

Kailash Ashram – 31 Wartook Rise, Wartook VIC 3401

What is the room configuration?

– Private Rooms – We have 4 single private rooms on a mezzanine level in the lodge that have a sloped roof. If you wish, you can book the larger twin share room as a private, but there is a single loading.

– Shared Rooms – Are high ceiling ground floor and are configured as twin share (two single beds) 

– We allocate shared rooms based on same gender and are happy to group friends together.

What is included in my booking?

– All meals, activities and accommodation are included for the base price

– Uncovered pillow and doona are provided for weekend retreat, as of Feb 2023 Soul Retreat and Soul Emersion include linen

– Weekend Retreat Guests are required to bring single linen, pillow case and towel

– Guests wanting the Ashram to provide can purchase the Luxury Pack at time of booking

What are the transport arrangements?

– 3.5 Hours from Melbourne via car, allow 4 if you are planning on stopping.

– 5 hours from Adelaide

– Public transport is available to Horsham by VLine train and bus from Southern Cross Station (book at least 3 days in advance.)

– Transfer to the Ashram is 50km and can be arranged by taxi, we can organise a pick up for $100 one way (subject to availability and with prior confirmation only.)


– The lodge has ground floor access to shared rooms and grab rails in the showers.


– The yurt has 3 stairs to enter and as of yet, no ramp access (which is in the pipeline.)

Registration / Terms

Can I chat with someone over the phone?

YES! Most certainly, this is the easiest way to clear up any questions before booking. After you have booked, email is our preferred communication as it keeps a record of conversation. Please contact us with your preferred means here

Do we offer any discounts?

No. The price is the same for all attendees and our belief is we offer more value than we provide. We sometimes have sales via email.

Is there an option for a payment plan?

YES. We are able to offer guests a payment plan. Simply choose your desired retreat and the details are provided during checkout. 

What is the Refund Policy?

– If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than 45 days before the start of the event for a 100% refund minus booking fee as per terms above

– Cancellations within 45 days will forfeit all fees paid

Should I bring a book?

– You technically can, but the majority of our students find that they do not read as there is enough to do and engage with at the Ashram, and it is preferable to rest of an evening.

What is the Retreat Schedule?

– Each day will consist of collective meditation, hatha yoga, morning activity, afternoon activity, 3 meals and personal reflection time 

– We reserve the right to change the schedule at any time in order to best facilitate the group in accordance with the activities, weather conditions and other factors



Is the event suitable for children?

– The event is not appropriate for young children.


– Well behaved children under 18 are permitted with their legal guardian and are charged at the same rate as adult attendees and will required to be supervised at all times – please clear this with management prior to booking.

Can I bring my Pets?

– No, we are unable to accommodate pets.

– David and Rajni have two well behaved pet dogs who live on the property but are fenced during the retreat (unless anyone wants a cuddle and a play!)


Are your retreats and yoga and meditation religious?

No. The practices shared are at our Retreats are simple practical tools that can be used in a variety of ways (to enhance well-being, to investigate one’s experience etc.) For some, they are deeply spiritual. They are centred on a universal, inward connection to ‘life.’ We call that the Soul. 

The practices of yoga and meditation that we share have their origin in India (in the Himalaya and Nepal) and we celebrate and share the cultural origins of these practices (such as Sanskrit mantra and nature based fire ceremonies.)


We present all knowledge for your consideration and participation in activities is not mandatory. We endeavour to demystify the yoga practice and help you understand the relevance of meditation, yoga and fire ceremony in modern life.

Can I consume illicit substances whilst on retreat?


I am suffering from a mental health condition, am I able to attend?

We endeavour to make the Soul Retreat as accessible as possible and are happy to discuss directly with you if the event is suitable. Please organise a time to chat prior to booking. 

What is the Refund Policy?

– If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than 45 days before the start of the event for a 100% refund

– Cancellations within 45 days will forfeit all fees paid

Is there any touching or physical contact during the retreat?

– No. All of the practices shared are about your connection to yourself and there is a strict no-touching policy for all guests and staff at all times.

– Guests wishing to give each other a hug must ask permission of other guests first (please do not assume that it is accepted!)

– Intimate partners are required to refrain from intimacy during the retreat

– There is a strict no-fraternisation policy during the retreat which includes ‘hitting-on’ or ‘making moves on’ anyone at all.

– If you wish to pursue a connection in this regard, please exchange details and do so after the retreat.


– Please do not touch David and Rajni’s baby daughter, Tara (plenty of smiles and waves are okay!)


What COVID protocols will be in place?

We follow current state guidelines relevant at the time of the event.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend the Retreat?

– No. We welcome all Souls irrespective of their personal medical, religious or spiritual choice (with regard to vaccines)

I have come down sick prior to the event, what should I do?

In the interest of preserving our guests health, we ask that if you are sick to not attend the event. Now that COVID is endemic we are unable to offer refunds outside of our cancellation policy.


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Membership Guidelines
(For Ashram Members)

Guests who have attended the ashram on one of Kailash’s retreats are eligible for Ashram Membership.

The membership portal can be logged into here; 

Personal Retreat

Members are welcome to use the ashram for Personal Retreat when the Ashram is not being used for retreat. Please call the Ashram Managers to organise a time to visit. 0415703324



Self-check in after 2pm


Check Out

Guests are required to clean rooms and bathrooms prior to checking out. 


Rooms clean and vacated by 10am, departure by 1pm


Programmed Activities / Practices

This is an approximate program for Members on private retreat. 

The emphasis of a personal retreat stay is to provide Ashram Members with time and space for their own practice, and management reserves the right to alter the schedule in accordance with demand and capacity.

Please ask prior to booking if there are specific classes you would like run. 

Personal Retreat Meals

Ashram Members are welcome to BYO vegetarian food and make use of the kitchen facilities including spices and oils etc (no eggs.)

Subject to arrangement, the Ashram may be able to cater but this is by prior arrangment



Subject to management approval, Ashram Members are able to bring their immediate family members for a Personal Retreat stay, noting that the Ashram is not an ‘airbnb’ nor is it a venue.

 The intent is to introduce interested family members to the contemplative practices shared and to provide a peaceful environment for individual and collective practice. 

Children are to be mature, well behaved and supervised at all times and no responsibility can be taken for their safety (there are unfenced water courses on the property.) 

Please ensure that other guests are not disturbed.

Ashram Members will be required to ensure strict compliance with the Ashram Rules for their group. 

Children suggested donation rates

0-2 years – free

 2 – 12 years – 50% donation

12 years + full donation rate    

Please call David on 0415 703 324 if you wish to bring your family and we can talk through your specific requirements.

Mauna (Silence) 2100 - 0730

Mauna (silence) is observed to assist in keeping one’s attention internally focused between 830pm (after meditation) and 730am each day. Please assist us in reminding guests in the event they forget. 

Silence, as a practice is beyond simply not talking; it is about avoiding outside distractions and keeping one’s chitta (attention) on the inner realm.  



Gurukarya is the yoga of embodied service. We mindfully tend to the space and it is a great opportunity to cultivate care of the environment and connection between guests. If you wish to join for daily Gurukarya, please notify the managers.  

Activities can include; gardening, landscaping, maintenance, cleaning, creative projects. 

Personal Retreat Donation


Daana is the ancient practice of giving generously that assists in the cultivation of inner generosity. The Ashram and its full time service givers (Sevadari) survive entirely on charitable donations; all accommodation expenses, food and utilities as well as the living costs of our full time volunteers are supported by your donation, so please feel free to give charitably knowing that without you, the Ashram doesn’t survive!

Donation can be a great way to support your own spiritual growth by connecting to the inner value of what has been shared during your stay and learning to be generous and kind hearted for the teachings you have received.

Payments are preferred anonymously by cash in person at the Ashram at the conclusion of your stay. Card or bank transfer by request.

NOTE: Please be aware that unless prior arrangement for meals has been arrange that members are to self-cater and should subtract the food donation from the suggested minimum. 

Membership Terms


Members are required to abide by the Ashram rules and guidelines.



The yearly price for 2022 is $249 for a 12 month period commencing the date of payment. Payment entitles the member to 12 months of Ashram Membership.

Payments are subject to yearly review and confirmation (by email) and indexation of no greater than CPI.



Members are free to cancel their membership within 30 days and are entitled to a 100% refund.

Cancellations after the 30 days will incur a $100 processing fee with the remaining time of the 12 month period pro-rated and offered as a refund minus the processing fee. 



The free retreat offer is inclusive of a 2 night personal retreat stay where members are not required to donate to the Ashram. This stay enables you to introduce a friend to the Ashram. This stay must be confirmed with management prior to booking and is not valid for guests who have visited the Ashram.



Members are able to support Kailash retreats on Gurukarya positions. Placements are at the discretion of management and are decided up based on experience, availability and requirements for the retreat. 



Members are able to book to stay at the ashram when the centre is not in use for retreat. Members are able to bring immediate family and children so as they are well behaved.

The guidelines outline a suggested donation rate which is to be paid in person at the ashram.

Management reserves the right to block dates to meet a variety of needs such as repair and maintenance.



Members will be updated via email with amendments to the T&C. The membership is currently in it’s infancy and we appreciate your understanding as we roll out the systems including your online members area.


Please feel free to contact management with any questions or requests via our webform.

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