Ashram Guidelines

The Ashram is a quiet and peaceful environment. In order to support and honour the spiritual practices and the ongoing energy of the Ashram, we ask that you respect the space as you would a temple or church.


 The Ashram is an ideal environment to retrain the mind to be internally oriented and the rules are here to assist in that process.  

Himalayan Meditation can surface unconscious patterns obstructing you from a deeper connection to yourself, please be aware that this is a powerful practice requiring a mature disposition.

 The Ashram is a place to foster a soul based connection and we ask that you be internally focused at all times.


 Guests who break the Ashram rules will be asked to rectify their behaviour immediately. Management reserves the right to ask any guest in breach of the rules or guidelines to leave immediately and without refund.



Ashram Stays - Payment by donation


Daana is the ancient practice of giving generously that assists in the cultivation of inner generosity. The Ashram and its full time service givers (Sevadari) survive entirely on charitable donations; all accommodation expenses, food and utilities as well as the living costs of our full time volunteers are supported by your donation, so please feel free to give charitably knowing that without you, the Ashram doesn’t survive!

Donation can be a great way to support your own spiritual growth by connecting to the inner value of what has been shared during your stay and learning to be generous and kind hearted for the teachings you have received.

Payments are preferred anonymously by cash in person at the Ashram at the conclusion of your stay. Card or bank transfer by request.

Check in


Daily, between 2pm to 6pm

Self-check in by arrangement.


Check Out

Guests are required to clean rooms and bathrooms prior to checking out. 


By 2pm


9am Morning Meeting + Selfless Service

Each morning all guests meet at 9am to organise the day and attendance at activities.

We also participate in collective selfless service (gurukarya) where we take care of the Ashram for the betterment of all guests.  


Gurukarya is the yoga of embodied service. We mindfully tend to the space and it is a great opportunity to cultivate care of the environment and connection between guests. If you wish to join for daily Gurukarya, please notify the managers.  

Activities can include; gardening, landscaping, maintenance, cleaning, creative projects. 

Programmed Activities / Practices

Personal Pack List

  • Enclosed shoes suitable for walking
  • Clean house slippers (no outside use)
  • Toiletries incl soap
  • Towel for indoors
  • Beach towel for outdoors
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Day bag
  • Warm jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Long pants
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirts
  • Swimming attire
  • Comfy attire for yoga
  • Meditation cushion (we have some available to borrow and also some for sale, $50 cash)
  • Musical instruments
  • Art supplies
  • Journal
  • Personal vegetarian dry snacks
  • Torch
  • Blanket / shawl
  • Outdoor cushion
  • Yoga mat (we have some to borrow)
  • Full single sized linen set (bare pillow and doona provided)


The ashram provides 3 nutritious and healthy vegetarian meals per day, at set meal times. The ashram food is here to support the activity and practice of meditation and yoga and is restrained in spice / salt.

Guests are welcome to bring vegetarian snacks. 


Mauna (Silence) 2030 - 0730

Mauna (silence) is observed to assist in keeping one’s attention internally focused between 830pm (after meditation) and 730am each day. Please assist us in reminding guests in the event they forget. 

Silence, as a practice is beyond simply not talking; it is about avoiding outside distractions and keeping one’s chitta (attention) on the inner realm.  



Families are welcome to make use of the facilities. Children are to be supervised at all times and no responsibility can be taken for their safety (there are unfenced water courses on the property.) 

Please ensure that your children are well behaved and that other guests are not disturbed.

Children donation rates

0-2 years – free

 2 – 12 years – 50% donation

12 years + full donation rate    

Public Transport

There is a V-Line and Bus combination departing several times per day from Southern Cross station to Horsham, the nearest regional centre. Subject to availability, and prior arrangement we may be able to organise a pick up or drop off for $75 each way (it is 50km one way!) 



Driving Instructions

Address: 31 Wartook Rise, Wartook, 3401 Vic

Lodge: Please drive up the driveway, the lodge is 300m and on your left. 

Parking: Next to (not in front of) the lodge

Wartook Rise is a signposted dirt road off of the Northern Grampians road between Halls Gap and Horsham.

The route through Ararat to Halls Gap and then Wartook is more scenic but has many bends and avoids some time on the Western Highway, though at dusk and dawn it is advised to keep it to 70km/h because of kangaroos / emus.

Guests wishing to avoid the windy mountain or in large vehicles are advised to take the rought through Stawell and Roses Gap Rd.   


Please feel free to contact management with any questions or requests via our webform.