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yoga retreat victoria

Rekindle That Inner Spark On Our Next...

Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Victoria

Our Meditation And Yoga Retreats are the most nourishing, soulful and authentic yoga retreats in Victoria, just a few short hours from Melbourne. 

Immerse yourself in the Ashram’s traditional teachings in the pristine beauty of the Grampians, as you melt away stress and anxiety, reconnecting to your deeper self through the time-tested practice of traditional yoga and meditation.

Be lead by our experienced retreat facilitators, Kailash Ashram Founders and Custodians David and Rajni as you are imparted authentic, genuine yogic and contemplative practices, tied to established traditions (some thousands of years old!) 

Learn simple tools to take charge of your own personal happiness and well-being on one of our yoga retreats in Victoria and join our vibrant, supportive community.







Soul Retreat

A life-changing Journey of Self-Discovery

A powerful and transformative journey that will set you up with a daily meditation and yoga practice 

Reconnect to your body, mind, nature and experience your Soul as we use the traditional practices of meditation and yoga to explore the inner realm in a supportive, intimate environment.



Open to sincere students of all experience levels (no experience required.) 

say yes to your Soul

Meet Our Students

Kailash Ashram has shared meditation and yoga with hundreds of students; from beginners right through to yoga teachers we are united by a vision to live a life of inner peace!

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“I’m ‘Me! I have so many gifts to bring to the world!”

Meet Helen!

Helen said Yes to her Soul and joined us on a 4 Night Soul Retreat. She overcame grief, limiting beliefs and a feeling of disconnection. She returned home feeling…

yoga retreat victoria
yoga retreat victoria
Kailash logo yoga retreat victoria logo meditation

“I went past myself! I feel confident in myself and joyful about tomorrow!”

Meet Rohan!

Rohan answered the call and came to Kailash without expectation, seeking to let go of self judgement. He recaptured his courage and found his voice.

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“I’ve never felt more connected to a bunch of people!”

Meet Will!

Will came to the Ashram looking for connection to self and community and was left deeply moved…

Yoga Retreat victoria
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“I don’t need to participate in energy that doesn’t align with me!”

Kate is a Yoga Teacher who attended our Soul Retreat in 2022 and found the courage to cut cords with things that weren’t serving her.

yoga and meditation retreat centre in victoria, grampians

“I will leave knowing the facilitators have deep integrity and that this is an authentic Ashram” 

Nicki joined us for a meditation and yoga retreat in 2022 and will leave having her expectations far exceeded! 

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“In a few days I managed to quieten things right down!”

Kyle came to a meditation and yoga retreat tired of western medicine and was able to balance his mind.

yoga retreat victoria meditation retreat victoria

Who Is A Yoga & Meditation Retreat For?

Every Mind, Every Body & Every Soul!

The most common issue our guests face is that they struggle to ‘make time for me’ and to accept themselves as they are.

Many guests know they are in need of ‘something’ and often don’t know how or where to start to make a commitment to a daily practice and positive, lasting change.

Some are just in need of rest, recuperation and a supportive environment to further their practice.

Others are tired of the gym-yoga scene and are yearning for authentic, traditional yogic teachings.

That’s where we come in!

Our retreats are a gateway into the powerful ancient practices of Himalayan Meditation and Hatha Yoga and more.

What do I do after a retreat?

On our retreats we welcome you into our Ashram community which is here to serve you well beyond the retreat in your daily life.

After attending one of our life-changing experiences, such as the Soul Retreat or Soul Immersion, you will qualify for our exclusive Ashram Membership.

Membership will give you access to the Ashram for personal meditation and yoga retreat on a donation basis. 

You will also receive access to free retreats when you come back as a volunteer, supporting us in running our programs.

Now is the moment to take charge of your wellbeing; unplug, practice, destress and reconnect to your Soul!

Our Yoga Retreats Support The Community & Those In Need

Kailash Ashram is a not-for-profit organisation that lives to see you happy, healthy and being guided from within.  

We invest all profits from our retreats in supporting our mission to disseminate meditation, free of charge, to those in need.


After the retreat, you will qualify as an Ashram Member and will be able to give back by supporting others on by volunteering on retreat!

Traditional Meditation & Yoga Retreat Calendar

2023 Meditation & Yoga Retreat Dates 



Soul Retreat – 19th – 23rd July



Volunteer Weekend – 4th – 6th August

Soul Retreat – 16th – 20th August



Soul Retreat – 13th – 17th September

Hatha Yoga Retreat – 26th -30th September



Soul Retreat – 11th – 15th October

Volunteer Weekend – 27th – 29th October



Soul Retreat – 15th – 19th November


Volunteer Weekend – 1st – 3rd December
New Years Soul Retreat – 28th Dec – 1st Jan 2024

Meditation & Yoga Retreats
Retreat Fees

Kailash Ashram operates as a not-for-profit social enterprise, with any surplus retained in the organisation for the purpose of developing the facilities and disseminating the practices of meditation and yoga far and wide. 

Our small team of retreat facilitators and managers offer themselves in full-time service of the Ashram. 

We believe our Meditation and Yoga Retreats are an investment in time tested practices that will support you for the rest of your life. 

Our philosophy is to ‘teach you to fish’ so that you are fully equipped to guide your own journey. 

Your Retreat fees cover the direct costs of the event, and enable us to keep our Ashram open so that it can continue to support the community.

Retreat Frequently Asked Questions

Venue / Accommodation

When is the next meditation & yoga retreat in Victoria?

Please check our store here

Are arrival and departure times flexible?

No. Activities commence 30 minutes after the arrival time. To ensure the smooth running of the retreat we ask all guest to coordinate their arrival and departure (at 2pm) accordingly.

What is the location of the retreat?

Kailash Ashram – 31 Wartook Rise, Wartook VIC 3401

What is the room configuration?

– Private Rooms – We have 4 single private rooms on a mezzanine level in the lodge that have a sloped roof.

– Shared Rooms – Are high ceiling ground floor and are a mix of twin share (two single beds) and triple (bunk plus single.) Please notify at time of booking if the top bunk is unsuitable for your mobility needs.

– We allocate shared rooms based on same gender and are happy to group friends together.

What is included in my booking?

– All meals, activities and accommodation are included for the base price

– Uncovered pillow and doona are provided for weekend retreat, as of Feb 2023 Soul Retreat and Soul Emersion include linen

– Weekend Retreat Guests are required to bring single linen, pillow case and towel

– Guests wanting the Ashram to provide can purchase the Luxury Pack at time of booking

What is included in my booking?

– All meals, activities and accommodation are included for the base price

– Uncovered pillow and doona are provided

– Guests are required to bring single linen, pillow case and towel

– Guests wanting the Ashram to provide can purchase the Luxury Pack at time of booking

What is included in my booking?

Full instructions are provided inside your members area (you will be prompted to register after booking)

What are the transport arrangements?

– 3.5 Hours from Melbourne via car, allow 4 if you are planning on stopping.

– 5 hours from Adelaide

– Public transport is available to Horsham by VLine train and bus from Southern Cross Station (book at least 3 days in advance.)

– Transfer to the Ashram is 50km and can be arranged by taxi, we can organise a pick up for $100 one way (subject to availability.)


– The lodge has ground floor access to shared rooms and grab rails in the showers.


– The yurt has 3 stairs to enter and as of yet, no ramp access (which is in the pipeline.)

Registration / Terms

Can I chat with someone over the phone?

YES! Most certainly, this is the easiest way to clear up any questions. Please contact us with your preferred means here

Do we offer any discounts?

No. The price is the same for all attendees and is commensurate with the experience provided. We sometimes have sales via email.

Is there an option for a payment plan?

YES. We are able to offer guests a payment plan on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us directly if you wish to do so. 

What is the Refund Policy?

– If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than 45 days before the start of the event for a 100% refund

– Cancellations within 45 days will forfeit all fees paid

Should I bring a book?

– You can, but the majority of our students find that they do not read as there is enough to do and engage with at the Ashram.


What is the Retreat Schedule?

– Each day will consist of collective meditation, hatha yoga, morning activity, afternoon activity, 3 meals and personal reflection time 

– We reserve the right to change the schedule at any time in order to best facilitate the group in accordance with the activities, weather conditions and other factors



Is the event suitable for children?

– The event is not appropriate for young children.


– Well behaved children under 18 are permitted with their legal guardian and are charged at the same rate as adult attendees and will required to be supervised at all times – please clear this with management prior to booking.

Can I bring my Pets?

– No, we are unable to accommodate pets.

– David and Rajni have two well behaved pet dogs who live on the property but are fenced during the retreat (unless anyone wants a cuddle and a play!)


Are your retreats and yoga and meditation religious?

No. The practices shared are at our Retreats are simple practical tools that can be used in a variety of ways (to enhance well-being, to investigate one’s experience etc.) For some, they are deeply spiritual. They are centred on a universal, inward connection to ‘life.’ We call that the Soul. 

The practices of yoga and meditation that we share have their origin in India (in the Himalaya and Nepal) and we celebrate and share the cultural origins of these practices (such as Sanskrit mantra and nature based fire ceremonies.)


We present all knowledge for your consideration and participation in activities is not mandatory. We endeavour to demystify the yoga practice and help you understand the relevance of meditation, yoga and fire ceremony in modern life.

Can I consume illicit substances whilst on retreat?


I am suffering from a mental health condition, am I able to attend?

We endeavour to make the Soul Retreat as accessible as possible and are happy to discuss directly with you if the event is suitable. Please organise a time to chat prior to booking. 

What is the Refund Policy?

– If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than 45 days before the start of the event for a 100% refund

– Cancellations within 45 days will forfeit all fees paid

Is there any touching or physical contact during the retreat?

– No. All of the practices shared are about your connection to yourself and there is a strict no-touching policy for all guests and staff at all times.

– Guests wishing to give each other a hug must ask permission of other guests first (please do not assume that it is accepted!)

– Intimate partners are required to refrain from intimacy during the retreat

– There is a strict no-fraternisation policy during the retreat which includes ‘hitting-on’ or ‘making moves on’ anyone at all.

– If you wish to pursue a connection in this regard, please exchange details and do so after the retreat.


– Please do not touch David and Rajni’s baby daughter, Tara (plenty of smiles and waves are okay!)


What COVID protocols will be in place?

We follow current state guidelines relevant at the time of the event.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend the Retreat?

– No. We welcome all Souls irrespective of their personal medical, religious or spiritual choice (with regard to vaccines)

I have come down sick prior to the event, what should I do?

In the interest of preserving our guests health, we ask that if you are sick to not attend the event. Now that COVID is endemic we are unable to offer refunds outside of our cancellation policy.


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