Real People. Real Transformations.

Every month we are blown away at the sincerity, honesty and vulnerability of the amazing Souls that join us on retreat.

Some come seeking healing and growth, others to let go of trauma. Many are ready for daily meditation and yoga practice and want to get off to the best possible start.

Hopefully you see yourself reflected in some of our students, we certainly do!

Meet Our Retreat Students

Kailash Ashram has shared meditation and yoga with hundreds of students right from beginners through to yoga teachers, healers and guides.

We are united by a simple vision to live a life of inner peace, from the Soul!

“Anything is possible!” 

Meet Jane! 

Jane joined us for a meditation and yoga retreat in 2023 and will leave with the newfound belief that “anything is possible!” 

“I’m ‘Me! I have so many gifts to bring to the world!”

Meet Helen!

Helen said Yes to her Soul and joined us on the Soul Retreat. She overcame grief, limiting beliefs and a feeling of disconnection. She returned home feeling…

yoga retreat victoria
yoga retreat victoria

“I went past myself! I feel confident in myself and joyful about tomorrow!”

Meet Rohan!

Rohan answered the call and came to Kailash without expectation, seeking to let go of self judgement. He recaptured his courage and found his voice.

Yoga Retreat victoria

“During the Fire Ceremony I’ve never felt more connected to a group of people in my whole life.”

Meet Will!

Will came to the Ashram looking for connection to self and community and was left deeply moved…

“I will leave knowing the facilitators have deep integrity and that this is an authentic Ashram” 

Meet Nicki!

Nicki joined us for a meditation and yoga retreat in 2022 and will leave having her expectations far exceeded! 

“I don’t need to participate in energy that doesn’t align with me!”

Meet Kate!

Kate is a Yoga Teacher who attended our Soul Retreat in 2022 and found the courage to cut cords with things that weren’t serving her.

“In a few days I managed to quieten things right down.”

Meet Kyle

Kyle came to a meditation and yoga retreat tired of western medicine and was able to balance his mind.

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