We are currently transitioning to a new booking system to manage our in-person retreats and also our online trainings. We  appreciate your patience if things are a little confusing.

If you wish to discuss which retreat is suitable for you, please reach out and organise a time for a Self-Discovery Call.

It all starts with a Retreat!

Yoga and Meditation have been imparted in the seclusion of nature on retreat for thousands of years.

The modern trend of studios and weekly classes is convenient, but often leave practitioners wanting.

Kailash Ashram's retreats are immersive, multi-night experiences that focus on imparting authentic yogic sadhana so that you leave with embodied tools for the cultivation of your health, peace and genuine prosperity.

A retreat will set you up for months of personal practice, and our online resources are here to support you after your retreat.

Our retreats have also been the scene of profound change, realisation and transformation for hundreds of our students.

If you are not sure which retreat is right for your personal circumstance, please book in a free 20 Minute Self-Discovery Call.

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