A flower blooms from within


In the garden of life, there is much beauty.

Why are we drawn to such an ephemeral display, for we are not bees that profit from the nectre of the flower?

As a student of mother nature, one learns about their own life journey, and nature teaches through metaphore how to be in alignment with Her. 

It is rose season at Kailash, and the most striking display of the natural process of unfoldment.

The rose sits compressed as a bud, delicate petals sandwiched together. When destiny calls, the flower blooms and the rose disintegrates it’s identity as a bud and bursts forth as a flower, the element of space giving rise to beauty.

Now consider for a moment your inner realm; a life of potential, no different than Christ or Mother Terresa or the Buddha, all of the ingredients for enlightenment contained within.

Tend to the soil with love, apply the right amount of water and sun and the inevitable conclusion is the budding and then flowering of inner peace. This is nature. This is us.

Meditation is a natural process. Instead of trying to create space between the petals, when you simply let go of any tension in the system your beauty pops, what flows forth is no less than the divine rose.

Allow your practice to be without effort. Show up. Sit. And then let go.

You had peace inside from birth and it is waiting to flower!

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