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Ashram Membership

Ashram Membership

The Ashram Community is here to support you in your journey through life.

We live to see you happy, healthy and at peace.

As an Ashram Member you will enjoy access to online and in-person resources that will help you establish and maintain your daily practice of meditation and yoga.

Memberships are the best way for you to have access to the Ashram, giving you the benefit of on demand personal retreats, free gurukarya retreats and so much more!  

When You Become Member You Will Achieve;


12 months to inspire lasting change

Embodied Practices

Learn to walk the talk


In person learning in a beutiful setting


Resources and classes to support your practice


The most affordable way to attend retreats

Unique Offerings

Only available at Kailash


Give your year purpose and drive

Kailash Ashram

$ 249 per year
  • FREE 2 NIGHT PERSONAL RETREAT FOR YOU AND A FRIEND who is new to the Ashram and has not attended a retreat.
    (Value = $900)
  • GURUKARYA RETREATS Free retreats when you come back to volunteer and support our Ashram Retreats (Value $1199)
  • DONATION based personal retreats for when you need time for yourself! (Value $1199)
  • Weekly Discourse, Teachings and Live Q&A from the Ashram Directors David and Rajni to help guide and inspire your meditation and yoga practice (Value = $1400)
  • 10% discount on all Ashram Retreats
  • Exclusive Membership Meditation Coin
Great Value