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About Kailash Ashram

Kailash Ashram is a traditional yoga and meditation retreat centre and a community that offers teachings on traditional meditation and yoga and a place for their practice and participation.

We are located in Gariwerd country (the Grampians) in western victoria, 3.5 hours from Melbourne.  

We are a non-profit organisation here to serve and promote the cause of individual and collective wellbeing across the physical, mental and spiritual domains. 

As an independent organisation we have received authorisation and permission from the lineage holders to which we belong in order for us to share the practices of meditation and yoga.     

Our Teachers

“A Guru isn’t just a person, it’s an element, a gateway through which true seekers can access universal consciousness and reach the state of enlightenment.”

His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swami

Inspirer and Guide of Kailash Ashram

His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand (Swamiji) is an enlightened Yogi, meditation master and living Himalayan Saint who has been sharing the practice of meditation for free since 1994.

Swamiji was taken on a 16 year journey in the Himalayan Mountains where he received insight, guidance and initiation from numerous Gurus, many of whom were revered mountain ascetics in extremely remote and tribal areas.

Through the platform of Samarpan Dhyanyog and now Guru Tattva (Guru Element,) Swamiji shares meditation and spiritual insight through His teachings and divine embodiment. As a family man and householder, Swamiji shares that “Your Soul is Your Guru.”


In 2021 Kailash Ashram received the blessings from Swamiji to share meditation and teachings in alignment with His vision that the practice of meditation be available to all, free of cost, without discrimination of race, religion, cast or creed. 

David Wegman

Co-Founder and Ashram Director

The path of Hatha Yoga found David at 19 years old. In 2005 he connected to a wandering Yogin on a deserted beach in Cambodia; this first connection to the practice of Yoga brought alive a curiosity and positive inner feeling which led him to begin his own practice which he has maintained since.

After travels through India, David studied Iyengar yoga which gave him a good foundation in physical alignment, and in 2007 he became a student of Shadow Yoga school under Louise Goodvach at Yoga Moves in Caulfield.

David went on (and continues) to study directly under the Shadow Yoga founder, one of the world’s most foremost contemporary Hatha Yogins, Sundernath (Shandor Remete) where he practices the pure dance of Lord Shiva (Nrtta Sadhana) and internal tantrik Hatha Yoga.  

The practice of Hatha Yoga carried David on a powerful life journey through his service within the Australian Special Forces as a Sniper, where it provided the antidote to the extreme physical and psychological demands of the job. 

David balanced his yoga practice, work, travel, studies and teaching of Architecture at a tertiary level and small-business. 

In 2017 David received the Himalayan Meditation practice directly from Swamiji which led to a life changing series of events, including a rapid discharge from the Army and a reorientation of His whole life towards the practice of yoga, meditation and self cultivation.

In 2018 David began sharing professional development and personal empowerment activities to corporate groups, based upon insight from his Yoga practice, life experience and service in the army. 

Shortly thereafter, destiny guided David to the land of Kailash Ashram where he felt a strong inner call to share full-time the practices that had transformed his life.

Under the direction of Swamiji, David was asked to deepen his meditation studies in India, where at a meditation workshop in 2018 he met his wife and the co-founder of Kailash Ashram, Rajni.  

Together they founded Kailash; a retreat and spiritual community that shared meditation, yoga, retreats and experiences to a wide demographic of people.

Recognising the need to bring a more formal and structured environment for the practices of yoga and meditation to be shared, in 2021 Kailash received the blessings of Swamiji to became an authorised Ashram. 

Kailash is committed to sharing yoga and meditation to a growing community of everyday people. 

David directs the Ashram and instructs on retreats, drawing upon a rich and varied life experience, both positive and challenging. He shares activities, experiences and practices that bring a positive outlook and deeper connection to self. 

“Inside each and every one of us is a gateway to truth. This is a felt reality of purpose, meaning and knowing transcendent of intellect or cognition. That truth is beyond form and the causal ground for being itself. I humbly live in service of life and offer myself as a medium for the higher needs of humanity. Sometimes you have to bow down, sometimes you have to stand up. Somewhere in the middle, you will be found.” 

Kailash Ashram

Deojanee (Rajni) Wegman

Co-Founder and Ashram Manager

Rajni was born in Northern France to parents of Indian and Mauritian ancestry where she was exposed to traditional devotional practice at an early age by her mother, a devotee of the great Indian Saint, Shirdi Sai Baba.


In her youth Rajni studied at a Catholic school where she developed a multi-faith approach to her spirituality, finding resonance and refuge in the teachings of Christ and St Theresa of Lisieux (the regional town in which she grew up.)


In her early adulthood after moving to the UK, Rajni found connection to the devotional practices and community with the modern Saint Satya Sai Baba.


Upon feeling an inner call to learn to meditate, Swamiji and the path of Himalayan Meditation came upon her path. In 2007, shortly after learning the meditation practice, Rajni decided to offer back to the community and established a meditation centre in outside of London, sharing meditation and Swamiji’s teachings with people of a diverse background.


In 2013 Rajni led the development of an online meditation community, JCO, that has provided a free platform for meditators from around the world to connect and to meditate together in community.


As a long time devotee of Swamiji, meditation is Her passion and joy. Upon meeting David in India, she has given herself fully into supporting the practice of meditation by managing Kailash Ashram and guiding hundreds of people in an approachable and accessible way to connect to the practice of meditation.


Together She and David live with their daughter Tara at the Ashram where they continue to provide instruction, guidance and teachings on meditation in everyday life. 


Set on 50 Acres of sacred Gariwerd land, we are adjacent to the iconic Grampians National Park in western Victoria.

The facilities are modern, comfortable and rugged and are the ideal location for personal and group retreats.

All members of the public are welcome to apply for a retreat and ashram members are able to utilise the space at their convenience by donation.

Those wishing to utilise the Ashram as a venue for their own yoga or meditation retreat will first need to become an Ashram Member. 

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The Lodge

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Twin Share
Twin Share
Single + Bunk
Single + Bunk
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Kitchen / Dining

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The Yurt

Spacious, Light and Beautiful

Our hand-crafted space for personal and group practice. Minimalist interior with polished hardwood floors and comforts of a reverse cycle air-conditioning and a wood combustion stove. 


Yoga – 15 with comfort

Meditation – 40 max


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The Land

Ancient, Wise & Loving 

With powerful mountain vistas on all sides, as well as iconic Australian bush, 400 million year old granite boulders, there is divinity in the very soil of Kailash.


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