Genuine spiritual practice (sadhana) will most definitely surface unconscious patterns and conditioning.

How do we respond to this rising of our pain, trauma and wounds?

Some become a ‘scatologist’ and poke around forever in the murky depths.

For others, the trip is to ignore the wounds and pretend like everything is okay…

But how do you find the middle path in such times?

Kailash Ashram are staunch advocates of the Soul – that inner most Self, that voice of insight that you hear… surprisingly in your own tone.

As you engage in Yogic practice, our belief is that beyond physical prowess or health and wellbeing, that it is the Self relationship that is being worked upon.

And a fair relationship is just like ANY good relationship.

You need to communicate. You need to feel. You need to be proactive.

As you cultivate Soulfulness inside of you, the inner guide gets louder.

Sometimes, the Cave calls you forth, and you peer into the wound.

Once the true source of the wound has been identified (normally from a past, unresolved issue) you let go. Surrender.


As an Ashram, we see many people ‘stuck in the mud’ over issues long since gone.

The magic of the Himalayan Meditation practice is that you are guaranteeing that you will give yourself to Surrender, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

So even if you have a stash of ‘stuff’ burried deep, this practice will surface it.

And as you learn to see, witness, soften… you let go. You release. You recognise that you are whole as you are, EVEN WITH the trauma and pain and wounds.

Embracing yet not indulging all aspects of your being is what the game of Self is all about.

We pray that you don’t go too soft, nor too hard on yourself and that your Soul keeps you in the centre of the road. If you need a little hand learning how to do that, you may wish to consider joining us on the Soul retreat, click through to hear more.

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