Soul Retreat

An introductory retreat to rediscover and reconnect to your Soul and to learn practices that support your inner journey 

Soul Immersion

Our seasonal offering to deepen your practice, reset your system and find a soulful connection to Self, nature and community 

Personal Retreat

Private stays for individual getaways where you are free to utilise the space to support your sadhana / practice


Connect to the structure of the Ashram life where service and giving are the work of the Soul

Sacred Meditation

We are honoured to regularly welcome Ancient Ceremonies who facilitate shamanic healing ceremonies from the Chavin and La Mista traditions. Heal and grow together on our sacred land. 

Upcoming Guest Retreats

Kailash is the home and venue for amazing facilitators from all over the world, please browse some of our upcoming guests’ retreats. Note: these are externally facilitated and bookings are managed by retreat hosts.