What can a dance teach you about life?

For us, it has revealed everything….

As a soldier and fighter, I learned to attack energy – inside and out. This led to a great deal more suffering than I needed.

As I began to practice the Nrtta Sadhana, the Pure Dance of Lord Shiva, imparted to me by Sundernath of the Shadow Yoga school, I began to soften my relationship to my energy… and then, quite surprisingly this flowed into the other areas of my life.

A pure dance is danced without purpose, for its own sake.

Life can be lived, for it’s own sake. Simply, we are and we exist to know that we do!

This sits in contrast to living a life with agenda or desire. I want to attain this or that, I won’t be happy till I arrive…

This is a recipe for suffering.

When life is experienced as a Dance, one learns to groove with their energy, rather than to force or manipulate it.

This is a subtle dance, and just like even the best performers are capable of standing on their partners toes, so too upon the path of Pure Dance, can you make a meal of it.

For what is freedom unless you know imprisonment?

In order to ‘get’ the Dance, one must cultivate a reckless disregard for self judgement – carrying a grudge against one’s self will stifle the energies flow.

Sometimes you trip.

You stumble.

A dancer gets back up.

When you loose your rhythm, you bloody well find it again!

Not by force, but by letting go…

Over and over until you arrive fully with your partner.

Merged as one.

Here And Now.

And upon arrival at a destination you never sought, on a journey you never began, the Dance has made you who you are.

And when you dance without lifting a foot, real pranayama has begun.

But who do you dance with?

My belief is that submission to something beyond builds trust that your dance partner is none other than the almighty, however you dare conceive of it.

When you know this in the depths of your being, you live the Dance.

If you Dance, be sure to dance with none other than God.

For it is His grace that when danced with, will remove obstruction and lead you into the promised land of the present moment.

Here and Now.

Over and over.

Centred and peripheral as one.

This is Nrtta.

This is Yoga.

This is Him.

Om Namah Shivaya

To hear more about the Dance of life, please check out a recording of our weekly discourse and collective meditation, available here.

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