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We live to see you healthy, happy & at peace.

We’ve spent decades helping our students heal, grow and flourish on workshops, retreats and online programs. 

Our proven process brings together ancient yogic practice and wisdom with personal guidance and modern resources to help you live your dreams; a life that you love, inside and out.

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What is an Ashram?

Many modern practitioners of yoga believe it to be physical stretching. The truth is, yoga is a practice of self-development and cultivation. The goal is to let go of the problems of body and mind in order to connect to the Soul.

Contrary to what is shared in modern high street yoga studios, yoga has been traditionally imparted for thousands of years in dedicated retreat centres (Ashram) in remote settings, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  

In Sanskrit, Ashram means “a place to toil / work.” The work being referred to is the inner work of reconnecting to oneself as a Soul and letting go of self-limiting belief.

As an secluded spiritual hermitage in the Grampians in Western Victoria, Kailash Ashram proudly continues thousands of years of tradition by sharing authentic practice under accomplished guides.

Behind every peaceful Soul
is a peaceful Guide

A book on cows cannot give you the same nourishment as drinking milk. So too Yoga is a tradition where practice is embodied and lived.

Only then can it be shared between teacher and student. 

Traditionally the guide was called ‘Guru’ and the student ‘Shishya’. In more modern times, the name and convention is less important, though the path of Yoga requires an experienced personal guide who has themselves ‘walked-the-talk.’ 

David and Rajni Wegman are the Founders and Directors of Kailash Ashram, and have practiced and taught Yoga and Meditation for decades. 

They are here to support you in each phase of your growth.


Our Approach

We’ve helped hundreds of students create a peaceful life through adopting simple yoga and meditation practices – and we have continually improved our process along the way. This path brings you into alignment with your true inner nature. 

We are devoted to your wellbeing.

Kailash Ashram is more than a dedicated retreat centre; we are a spiritual home and community.

David and Rajni and their family are householders (not ordained monks / renunciates) which means they understand the unique demands of modern life. 

They live and breathe the practices they share, and have undergone extensive training and initiation under some of the worlds greatest living masters (Himalayan Meditation under Swami Shivkrupanand of ‘Gurutattva’ in India, and Hatha Yoga under Sundernath, the director of the ‘Shadow Yoga’ school.)  

"I know what it is that I need to do... focus on my practice and finally just let myself be"

The Inner Journey: A clear path to a life of health, happiness and peace.

The heart of our approach is an ancient yogic framework that is based upon bringing you into alignment with the Elements of nature. 

Yoga is not ‘fuffy’ and ‘new-age;’ it is a practical, applied path that brings you fully home in mind, body and Soul.

The Elements of Nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, Mind, Soul) are the ingredients that make up our experience of life.

The study and cultivation of each element can unlock physical, psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing. 

Living in this natural state (Sahaja) is a life of inner peace. We believe this is the deepe\st most desire of all Souls and call this your ‘dream life.’ 

Once you are on stable ground, you will have the reserves to support those who depend on you, without burning out. 

Our teachings are shared on multi-night retreats, through online trainings, group coaching and personal mentoring programs. 

"I feel confident in myself and what tomorrow will bring"

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Our team is here to help you understand what is holding you back from living your dreams. 

A Self-Discovery call is an opportunity for you to gain clarity on where you are ‘getting stuck.’ 

On the call we will develop a wellbeing strategy to help you overcome your suffering. 

We can also introduce you to the Ashram’s retreat and online programs that will support you continuing to live a life of inner peace. 

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